Jeremy Piven: He’s Almost Identical To The Character He Plays On “Entourage”!


 One of my favorite shows on television is HBO’s “Entourage“. The standout on the show is by far Jeremy Piven.He is freakin’ ferocious & plays the part of a savvy Hollywood agent with great expertise. As it turns out, he probably plays that part so well because his own personality is similar to that of “Ari Gold“. It’s not any surprise to me considering the fact that his zodiac sign is Leo,the lion. That ferocity he has is second nature to him.But, it’s best to leave that type of behavior to “Ari Gold. Because now there’s reports that he’s really becoming more & more like his character off-screen. The Defamer reports:

“Here’s a few reasons you might want to think twice about posing for the cover of Page Six Magazine:

Reason #1: It’s called Page Six Magazine.
Reason #2: Three months later, they’ll repurpose the material in a new, four-page story entitled, “Is Jeremy Piven the biggest jerk in showbiz?”

From the article:

Page Six Magazine writer Annie Karni reports that Jeremy Piven doesn’t always take kindly to direction. At a September Page Six Magazine photo shoot to promote his starring role in the Broadway revival of Speed-the-Plow, the actor was in a foul mood. “This isn’t my first time on the merry-go-round,” he shot at a staffer who asked that he pose for a traditional headshot and make eye contact with the camera. “You want mediocre? I can give you mediocre.” He mocked the crew by grinning like he was posing for a DMV shot.

An hour later, Jeremy didn’t want to give mediocre anymore. He popped his collar. He ducked under the photographer so that the camera would catch him at a height-enhancing angle. Letting out a gutteral moan, he ripped the sleeves off a $350 Giorgio Armani shirt.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

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