Chris Wallace Of Fox News, Obama Retook The Oath! You Don’t Have To Wonder If He Really Is The President!

Jeez, Chief Justice John Roberts made a mistake & flubbed the oath.That’s not a big deal,right? Well, folks like Fox’s Chris Wallace said that he doesn’t believe that Barack Obama is really the president! What a dumb remark! Even CNN’s Lou Dobbs said that mistake doesn’t mean that Obama is not our president. But, you know how the right-wing is. Here’s more on why he should retake the oath from the Telegraph:

“Barack Obama should take the oath of office again after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts made him fluff one of the lines, US constitution experts have claimed. Failure to do so could lead to four years of arguments or legal writs by extremists that Mr Obama is not a legitimate president.

Mr Roberts’ gaffe, which led him to be dubbed the “oaf of office” by one US newspaper, came when he pronounced crucial words in the wrong order. He should have said “faithfully execute the Office of the United States”, but instead said “execute the Office of the President of the United States faithfully”.

Mr Obama, smiling, clearly recognised the mistake, and gave Mr Roberts a chance to correct himself, but the judge put faithfully in the right place but left out the word execute”.

Mr Obama then followed Mr Roberts’ first incorrect version, before proceeding to finish the oath. At the inaugural luncheon shortly afterwards, witnesses said Mr Roberts apologised to the new president, saying “It was my fault.”

Constitution law professors said that taking the oath again would be wise, though it was not strictly speaking necessary. “Out of a superabundance of caution, perhaps he should do it again,” Akhil Reed Amar, of Yale University, told the Washington Post.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

So,for all the idiots out there who are scraping for dirt on Barack Obama,I’ve got some bad news for you! Barack Obama retook the oath today. You’ll have to find something else to bitch about!

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