All Of The Speculation About The Real Reason Caroline Kennedy Withdrew Her Bid For Hillary

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Caroline Kennedy is no longer seeking Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. She withdrew her name for personal reasons. But, there is plenty of speculation as to what really prompted her to withdraw her name from the list of potential appointees. It is being reported in the media that her uncle,Ted Kennedy, is the reason. When he fell ill at the Inaugural luncheon,she decided to stop bidding for the seat. At least that’s what some reports claim an unnamed source told them. Now, I remember Gov. Paterson saying on Inauguration Day that he had made his decision. He said he would wait until Friday to reveal his choice for Hillary’s Senate seat. I believe that she was informed that day that she wasn’t going to get it. Before his pick was made public, Caroline Kennedy decided to save face & withdraw her bid,citing personal reasons. Now,that’s pure speculation on my part. And Politico’s gossip section is reporting that Carolyn Maloney thinks Kennedy’s explanation is baloney also:

“And this morning the New York Democrat was overheard at Bubbles salon, of all places, letting her ambitions be known for all to hear, saying that she’d “be ready from day one” – what a recognizable quote – and that “this isn’t the time for on the job training,” according to someone who overheard the congresswoman.

Maloney also added that Caroline Kennedy was ruled out by Governor Paterson and that it “wasn’t a voluntary decision.”  Adding that she “couldn’t see how [Kennedy] had any business in the Senate anyway.”

As for Maloney, she mentioned she’s set to talk to Gov. Paterson this evening before her flight back to NYC.

Maloney, for her part, denies talking about the Senate race in public.”(End of (

But reporter,Dominic Carter, of NY1 told Chris Matthews that he ran into Gov. Paterson on Inauguration Day & he claims that the governor was going to name Caroline Kennedy. Dominic Carter also said that” the governor was caught completely off-guard & he was going to name her“. Now, he will make his final decision tonight & he might name that person by noon tomorrow. So,the speculation continues…

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