Glenn Beck Tells Sarah Palin “You Are One Hot Grandma,I’m Just Sayin'”!

“Gee, Glenn Beck,why did you have Sarah Palin on? Haven’t we heard enough from her?” That’s what one of Beck’s staffers asked him when told that Sarah Palin was going to be a guest on his show. Those are my sentiments exactly. But, going even further than that. Why the heck does Beck have a show at all? I guess there’s an audience for pricks like him. I was touched,though,to learn that he has a special needs child.That revelation makes him much more human to me. Because I think of him as an attack dog usually. As you can tell, I can barely tolerate 2 seconds of that man.I did find it funny when he told Sarah Palin that she was “one hot grandma“. It seemed like Glenn Beck got all hot & bothered when he said that. He probably got a stiffy as he was paying her that “non-sexist compliment“. And did they say anything about Martin Luther on the day that America celebrates his life? What’s up with that? I’m just sayin’!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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