Joaquin Phoenix: You Got Skills In Front Of A Camera,Dude,Not A Mic!

Please put down that microphone & shave that scraggly beard quick, Joaquin Phoenix! At least, I think that’s him under there. He used to have some sex appeal & looks. Now, he looks more like a dirty woodcutter than a rapper or actor. He’s no Justin Timberlake or Eminem, that’s for damn sure. Hell, he’s not even on the level of Kevin Federline. This dude is really trying to Walk The Line where his career is concerned. His irrationality & dishelved appearance makes him the poster boy for the anti-drug movement! Please let me know what he is on so that I can stay far away from it! His talent is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mastering characters from a script. Stick to being in front of the cameras, dude. Hand the microphone to those who have musical talent.

If you want a good chuckle,check out Joaquin Phoenix’s debut as a rapper. It’s the best laugh I’ve had in awhile! And here’ s more on this odd guy from

If Joaquin Phoenix fans were shocked by his decision to retire from acting, their heads will no doubt spin when they hear about his next career endeavor.

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The Oscar nominated actor is now an aspiring rapper, and introduced his new identity to the world on Friday.

“This is me saying who I am,” Phoenix, 34, told People magazine before taking the stage to perform as a rapper in Las Vegas. “This is my story.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(,2933,480565,00.html

If Joaquin Phoenix wants to tell his story, he should just write a book.

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