President Obama Dines With The Liberal’s Enemy, The Conservatives!


Obama has drawn many comparisons between himself & Abraham Lincoln. He is greatly inspired by Lincoln & Obama recently visited his memorial with his family. Obama believes in surrounding himself with differing opinions,like Abraham Lincoln. Here’ s more on his admiration of Lincoln from Newsweek:

“If Obama is to accomplish much of anything, he is going to need all the leadership skills of a Lincoln.

The theme of Obama’s Inauguration is taken from a line in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “A New Birth of Freedom.” Asked in January by CBS anchor Katie Couric which book, aside from the Bible, he would find essential in the Oval Office, Obama answered, “Team of Rivals.” Doris Kearns Goodwin’s 2005 bestseller recounts how Lincoln surrounded himself with advisers who were better educated and more experienced and who made no secret of coveting Lincoln’s job. Obama has yet to announce his cabinet, but he is clearly looking at some strong personalities, such as Larry Summers at Treasury, and he is considering keeping on Bush’s secretary of defense, Robert Gates. Bursting with ego, Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s pick as White House chief of staff, does not at all fit the “No Drama” Obama mode of the campaign. Emanuel once sent a foe a dead fish wrapped in newspaper.

The most intriguing possibility to emerge last week was the suggestion that Hillary Clinton might become secretary of state. She flew to Chicago to meet with Obama, and a senior Obama aide, speaking anonymously about confidential matters, tells NEWSWEEK she is “under consideration.” She would, of course, have to decide whether she should abandon her career in the Senate, and Obama will have to weigh the risk of back-seat driving by her husband, the former president.

During the Civil War, Lincoln was able to brilliantly manage his team of rivals. His secretary of state, William Seward, came into office thinking “he would actually be controlling Lincoln,” notes Goodwin, but Lincoln was able to sit Seward down, remind him who was president—and ultimately make him his close friend. Lincoln, in some ways, had it easier than Obama will. Cabinet secretaries in the 1860s could not step out on the White House lawn and hold press conferences with cable-TV networks. But Goodwin, who has spoken with Obama about her book, thinks he has absorbed the deeper meaning of Lincoln’s leadership style. “I think he’s got a temperamental set of qualities that have some resemblance to Lincoln’s emotional intelligence,” Goodwin tells NEWSWEEK.” (End of Excerpt) Read the article in it’s entirety by clicking here:(

So, is it any wonder that he would continue to create a dialogue with his enemies? Some people are a little peeved at Obama for dining with his enemies, conservative journalists! But,he is trying to live up to another campaign promise,which was to be a unifier instead of a divider. If he doesn’t engage those with a completely different political stance than his own,then how could he ever fulfill that pledge? That’s why he went on the Bill O’Reilly show. And that’s why he had a dinner with conservative writers this evening. Here’s more on that from

“Even King David might have found Barack Obama’s choice of dinner companions a bit too literal. (Psalm 23, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies,” for those of you not up on your Biblical allusions.)

Columnist George Will hosted the president-elect and at least two other prominent conservative pundits at his Maryland home Tuesday night. The pool reporter on the scene has confirmed that New York Times columnists David Brooks and Bill Kristol at the dinner, but was apparently unable to spot any other guests.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

Keep your enemies close, President Obama! Keep em’ close!

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