Prince Harry Has Proven That Europe Has Racial Issues As Well!

I received a comment from a European vistor to my blog. It was in reference to my posting about the Bart policeman who killed an unarmed man in Oakland,CA. The person wrote that something like that would never take place in Europe. Oh,really? Check out what happened in Stockwell back in 2005:

Faith communities and civic groups are expressing concern about the shooting dead of an apparently unarmed Asian man at Stockwell station in central London yesterday. They are anxious that a shoot-to-kill policy against suspects will fuel tension and anger in the wake of the recent bombings in the capital.

According to eyewitnesses at Stockwell a man was seen racing down an escalator and onto a tube train at just after 10am yesterday. He was hotly pursued by security operatives who pinned him down at the entrance to a carriage and shot him in the head five times. An official enquiry has been launched.

In a brief news conference statement, senior police chief Sir Ian Blair said that it was unclear whether the man shot dead was linked to Thursday’s incidents. It has since emerged that he was not one of four men who planted devices on three underground trains and a bus on Thursday. But he may have been under surveillance at a nearby house.

Police say that the man refused to stop when challenged. Observers say he was not brandishing any kind of weapon and did not appear to have a package on him. No verbal warning has been reported prior to the killing.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone and local MP Kate Hoey were quick to back the action of the security services. ‘If you are dealing with someone who might be a suicide bomber, if they remain conscious they could trigger plastic explosives or whatever device is on them,’ Mr Livingstone said. ‘Therefore overwhelmingly in these circumstances it is going to be a shoot-to-kill policy.’

However, mainstream Muslim groups have expressed alarm about the events in Stockwell. A Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) spokesperson said many Muslims were now ‘jumpy and nervous’ and feared reprisal attacks.

Inayat Bunglawala declared: ‘There may well be reasons why the police felt it necessary to unload five shots into the man and shoot him dead, but they need to make those reasons clear.’

He added that the fact that the man has not been linked to Thursday’s attempted suicide attacks ‘increases the urgency of the question of why this man was shot dead instead of being disabled or arrested.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

That sounds like the police shot an unarmed man in Europe to me. So, my friends, people are not treated or viewed equally on both sides of the ocean. Now, we’ve got someone from the royal family making racist remarks. Prince Harry is the source of a lot of anger because of the things he said in this video. Here’s more from the Daily

“The father of a Sandhurst recruit called a ‘Paki’ by Prince Harry has condemned it as a ‘disgraceful insult’.
Muhammad Yaqoob Khan Abbasi has he is ‘hurt and angry’ at the comments.
He accused the prince of using a ‘hate’ word, and dismissed his claims that it was not intended in a derogatory manner.
Harry, 24, will be given a severe dressing down by Army chiefs after being captured on video using the phrase ‘our little Paki friend’ to describe fellow cadet Ahmed Raza Khan.
The film was made in March 2006 during Harry’s final year of officer training at the Royal Military Academy in Camberley, Surrey.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:(

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  1. Marcus Philby

    We also had this little thing called the Holocaust…

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