This Close-up Video Of A Bart Police Officer Killing Oscar Grant Isn’t The One Being Shown All Over The News! That’s Because You Can Really See What’s Going On!

Memorial for Oscar Grant III by Capt. Tim.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the handsome 22-yr. old man who was killed by a merciless police officer on New Year’s Day. Oscar Grant’s death was completely unwarranted & the streets of Oakland have been very vocal about that fact! This was an unarmed man who was lying face down on the ground being totally compliant. As you can see in the video, the officer shoots him in the back for no apparent reason at all. People want to know why such brutal,deadly force was used on someone who did not pose a threat. In fact, the Bart police officer who murdered him in cold blood was the one who looked intimidating. This person has since resigned & has not answered any questions or issued any apologies for taking the life of a human being. What kind of an individual are we dealing with here? Here’s more on this story from the Mercury

“As family and friends of Oscar Grant III pleaded for peace Thursday afternoon, broken glass still was being cleaned up from the previous night’s near-riot in downtown, burned cars were towed away, and some business owners — fearing a repeat of the violence — made plans for nightfall, closing early and sending employees home.

I am begging the citizens to not use violent tactics anymore,” said Grant’s mother, an emotional Wanda Johnson, who appeared with about 30 of Grant’s relatives and friends at a news conference called by attorney John Burris at his East Oakland office.

Burris is representing Grant’s mother and 4-year-old daughter in a $25 million lawsuit filed against BART in the officer-involved shooting of an unarmed Grant, 22, in the early hours of New Year’s Day after a scuffle at the Fruitvale BART station. BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle, who fired the fatal shot, has resigned from the force.

“I know it’s a very frustrating time,” Johnson said, referring to the protracted police investigation into the shooting. “But Oscar would not want to see the violence and the fires. We believe this situation is going to come to a close and justice will be served. I’m asking you please, please stop it and let justice prevail. Please stop it.”

Mayor Ron Dellums and other city leaders urged the public to remain peaceful and said the Oakland Police Department will investigate the shooting.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

If this was the video that was being broadcast & analyzed on CNN by Rick Sanchez, the analysis would be that this cop murdered Oscar Grant. It did not look like it was by any accident to me. There was no reason to reach for anything. This guy was already cooperating with law enforcement. What happened is reprehensible & despicable. Johannes Mehserle will have to face the music sooner or later. This will not be swept under the carpet.

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4 responses to “This Close-up Video Of A Bart Police Officer Killing Oscar Grant Isn’t The One Being Shown All Over The News! That’s Because You Can Really See What’s Going On!

  1. sidney

    For someone who, like me, lives in Europe it is really shocking to see a policeman shooting someone in cold blood like that. This would never happen in Europe. Here we are always hearing “the US, the land of freedom, of the human rights, where anyone can say whay they want, the land of opportunities, where all are treated equal…”. How can you explain this then?. I suspect that, in this same land, officer Mehserle is going to get away with that homicide.

  2. Xeno77777

    At his murder trial, Officer Mehserle, resigned Police Officer, will have to give his an explanation/justification, as to why, he did what he did, whether he wants to or no. Sometimes, a defendant can just rest his case, with no defense. That would be difficult to do, in this case. Did Officer Mehserle mean to draw and use a Taser, and Tasse Oscar Grant, with a non-lethal weapon, but the Officer was so excited, that he just made an automatic reaction, which went wrong, like a person hitting the accelerator on an auto, instead of the brake, and thus accidentally killing several people.
    Fighting with fellow passengers, and struggling with the police, causes great excitability among Police Officers. Officer Mehserle had to consider that Oscar Grant might have a concealed weapon, and wanted to Tase Grant, to control him, so Grant could not draw his concealed weapon and start shooting Police Officers. The Oakland Black Community, has been very dangerous to Police Officers and Judges, drawing concealed weapons and killing many Police Officers and Judges. Officer Mehserle, could not just pretend that he had no knowledge of such incidents. The Protesters, who used violent force against innocent people, refusing to let the legal authorities sort things out, were just creating a dangerous community climate of violence. These people’s verified their past actions that created the climate of fear and violence, which cost Oscar Grant his life, a climate to which Oscar Grant helped create. Oscar Grant was not an innocent man; he was one the Police had to restrain, and be cautious that Grant might suddenly draw his concealed weapon, and start shooting! Oscar Grant, created by his own actions a very dangerous emergency situation. Oscar Grant’s sympathizers had no conscience about psychopathic actions of helping to further add to a dangerous community situation. In emergency situations, people’s actions may go wrong, and people may step on the accelerator, instead of the brake. In stressful situations, it is very difficult to remain calm and rational, Oscar Grant and his Psychopathic Sympathizers did everything in their power to exacerbate the emergency situation, and defend and maintain a tradition of such dangerous actions, encouraging rioting, taking pride in violence, taking pride in unjustly harming innocent victims, pridefully seeking to create a climate of fear amongst the uninvolved innocents and bystanders. Oscar Grant and his Community of Sympathizers, are Guilty of Very Evil Practices and Traditions, of which they are very Prideful. People must seize leadership away from the Old Communist Agitprop (Agitation an Propaganda)Tradition, which seeks to rouse up the crowd beyond any possibility of Martin Luther King Jrs.-Mahatma Ghandi type appeals to Non-Violence and exerting Rational Moral Superiority. The Agitprop types seek to get the crowd into an emotional frenzy, then run away and hide, when the Crowd Riots; they want to use the crowd’s heads as battering rams against society, caring not for the members of the crow’s individual best interests, only to exploit crowd members emotionally, regardless of their best interests. Now that Oscar Grant is dead, members of his family, seek to urge Grant’s Community’s fellow individuals, to consider their own interests to maintain the moral high ground, and bring the community to a peaceful, rational resolution. Too bad, they did not make such an effective appeal to Oscar Grant, while he was still alive to benefit from it. Oscar Grant never exercised any restraint what-so-ever; Grant was being forceably restrained by the Police Officers, and was constantly struggling to break loose, and commit violent bodily injuries on the Police Officers. Officer Mehserle could see that the Officer restraining Oscar Grant was tiring, and that Grant was about to break loose, and try to steal an officer’s gun, to begin shooting Police Officers, this was why Officer Mehserle “Stepped on the Accelerator, instead of the Brake.” People must remember that the Officer Mehserle’s of this world, are all that stand between innocent bystanders, and the Oscar Grant and his Riotous, Violent, Psychopath Sympathizers and Oakland Serial Killers of this world.

  3. ebonytamu

    This is a response to the comment posted by Xeno 7777.
    I happen to be from Oakland & I find what you are saying to be utterly untrue & amp; ridiculous! Oscar Grant was unarmed. Why spew on & on about an imaginary weapon? You can’t deny what happened & I’m not going to sit idly by & let you blame the victim. Or the Oakland black community,either. How dare you generalize a whole group of people? You are obviously harboring some crude,racist sentiments. So,let me make this brief! I cannot alter the way you rationalize things,sir. What I can do is clarify my position. Unlike you,I don’t blame the White community for anything. Each man is responsible for their own actions. Officer Mehserle is the PSYCHOPATH that pulled out a weapon that he did not need to use. This man is a huge giant. You really expect me to believe that he was frightened of a man that was already well-restrained. Please! If his reasoning is anything like yours, he probably wanted to shoot Oscar Grant just because he was black. And for your information, the Oakland Police dept. & the justice system in general has intimidated the black community for decades! They even had a gang of rogue Oakland cops who went on trial for their actions.There is great reason to fear the police in Oakland.If a police officer feels so threatened by the community,as you suggest, then he shouldn’t be working in law enforcement at all. He’s not cut out for it. And obviously, Officer Mehserle was not! He committed a criminal act,period. I’m glad that the D.A. understood that.

  4. Your site displays incorrectly in Firefox, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words =)

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