People Like Elvis Presley Never Die!

Thank God for the man known as Elvis Presley. His beautiful angelic voice still touches the souls of both the young & old.It doesn’t matter if Elvis was before your time. You still know who he is. Graceland is as synomous with America as apple pie & baseball. Some have given him the title “The King Of Rock N’ Roll“, although many have disputed it. This is one man who is timeless,like Marilyn Monroe. His image & persona lives on to this very day. People like the magnificent Elvis Presley never die. That southern drawl & slicked hair-do will be imitated for an eternity. He was ultra suave,& sleek. Elvis Presley is male perfection. Here’s more on Elvis from the History of

Elvis Presley was the first real rock and roll star. A white southerner who singing blues laced with country and country tinged with gospel, Presley brought together music from both sides of the color line. Presley performed this music with a natural hip swiveling sexuality that made him a teen idol and a role model for generations of cool rebels. Presley was repeatedly dismissed as vulgar, incompetent and a bad influence. However the force of his music and image signaled to the mainstream culture it was time for a change.

Born January 8, 1935, in East Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley was the son of Gladys and Vernon Presley, a sewing machine operator and a truck driver. Presley’s twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn, and he grew up as an only child. At age three, Vernon was sent to prison for forgery. It seems that Vernon, Travis Smith, and Luther Gable changed the amount of a check from Orville Bean,Vernon’s boss, from $3 to $8 and cashed it at a local bank.Vernon pled guilty and was sentenced to three years at Parchment Farms Penitentiary. Vernon’s boss, Mr. Bass called in a note that Vernon signed to borrow money to build the house and Gladys is forced to move in with Vernon’s parents. Vernon would only serve eight months. Afterward Vernon’s employment was spotty and the family lived just above the poverty line. The Presleys attended the First Assembly of God Church whose Pentecostal services always included singing.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here: (

This video talks about how the King still lives on! It’s been thirty years since Elvis Presley died,but the legend is still as vibrant as ever. Even in Russia,the place that had once banned his music .

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