Obama Assembling All The Living Presidents For “The Ultimate Power Lunch”!

The Living President's Power Lunch!

The Living President's Had A Power Lunch!

This is such a beautiful photograph! Five presidents came together to have what has been called “the ultimate power lunch” today. Apparently, it was the President-Elect’s idea & George Bush liked it. Jimmy Carter’s smile looks a little tight in this picture. Other than that, they all seem at ease. Here’s more on this historic event from the NY Times:

President-elect Barack Obama convened the most exclusive club in the world on Wednesday, huddling at the White House for the ultimate power lunch with the living Presidents.

“All the gentlemen here understand both the pressures and possibilities of this office,” Obama said during a pre-meal photo op. “For me to have the opportunity to get advice, good counsel and fellowship with these individuals is extraordinary.”

President Bush and ex-Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter – with 24 years of chief executive experience among them – posed with Obama in the Oval Office.

“I just want to thank the President for hosting us,” said Obama, who requested the summit to discuss working together to tackle challenges like the worsening economy. “(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2009/01/07/2009-01-07_all_the_presidents_lunch_barack_obama_me.html

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