If Obama Really Were “The Magic Negro”,Ignorant “Satires” Like This Would Cease To Exist!

This is the best video that I have found that talks about why the “Obama The Magic Negro” song is so offensive! It hearkens back to the not so distant time when blackface & minstrel shows were a part of American entertainment.Is thispolitical satire appropriate? In a time when folks are looking to unify,why would Chip Saltsman, who is looking to become the Republican Party’s next national chairman, send a tape with this song out as a Christmas gift? Here’s more on that from the L.A. Times:

” Given the current state of affairs, the Republican Party’s next national chairman probably will need a sense of humor. A little judgment wouldn’t hurt either — unless, of course, the GOP elders think it’s a good idea to further refine their party into a pure aggregation of fervently religious heterosexual white people who hate taxes.

The notion that salvation resides in a zealous remnant is always appealing to traumatized true believers. But to gloss the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous admonition on justice: The arc of the American electoral universe is long, but it bends toward the inclusive center.

That brings us to Chip Saltsman, the former Tennessee state Republican chairman who ran Mike Huckabee’s underfunded but shrewd bid for the GOP’s presidential nomination. Saltsman now wants to be Republican national chairman, and, apparently as part of his campaign, he sent his associates a Christmas gift consisting of songs by the satirist Paul Shanklin. The title track, sung in a voice meant to impersonate Al Sharpton, is “Barack the Magic Negro.” It parodies the president-elect as a black man acceptable to whites. Another song, “Star Spanglish Banner,” disparages Latinos.

Shanklin, who first performed his parody on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show (and they say ideologues don’t have a sense of humor) said he was inspired by an Op-Ed article by David Ehrenstein that appeared in The Times this year. Saltsman, who as you can imagine has come in for a bit of criticism for his gift, now characterizes the column as “irresponsible.” (We’ll leave it to him to explain why he distributed irresponsible ideas.)”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here: (http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-oe-rutten31-2008dec31,0,5283160.column

What in the heck is funny about a song that promotes racist divisive views? We already know that Rush Limbaugh is a bigot & a drug-addicted pig man! He has proven that time & time again. But, what about Chip Saltsman? Does he find racism humorous? This is an offensive tape because it disparages Hispanics as well. How does this help the GOP appeal to minorities? Someone please tell me.

And why would Fox News allow this text message to air on the New Year’s Eve broadcast? We already know how they went after President Barack Obama during the campaign. So, isn’t it a bit strange that this racist text message showed up on their network? Since they are basically a right-wing network, that doesn’t look good for Republicans,either.Here’s more on the Fox controversy from Alternet.org:

“As ThinkProgress recently noted, Fox News allowed at least one racist message directed toward President-elect Obama to make it on the air during its New Years broadcast. In a statement to TVNewser yesterday, Fox News VP of programming Suzanne Scott defended the incident, claiming that the text message referring to Rush Limbaugh’s “Barack the Magic Negro” song was “inadvertently cleared for air.” Instead of offering an apology, Scott took the opportunity to attack Fox’s rivals:

Fox News VP of programming Suzanne Scott explains, “We received tens of thousands of text message submissions during our New Years Eve special, and this particular viewer submission was inadvertently cleared for air. At FOX we recognize our error as opposed to networks who allow their hosts to utter crude vulgarities to the public.”

Fox New has a history of allowing racially-charged language aimed at Obama and his family to make it on air and then claiming it was simply a mistake. In June, after a Fox chyron referred to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s Baby Mama,” Fox’s Senior Vice President of Programming Bill Shine explained it by saying that “A producer on the program exercised poor judgment in using this chyron during the segment.”(End of Post) Read more here:(http://www.alternet.org/blogs/peek/117044/fox_news_claims_’magic_negro’_text_was_’inadvertently_cleared_for_air’/

So, is this just light-hearted political satire orsomething more sinister“? Is the phrase “Obama,the Magic Negro” just another racist connotation? I believe that is it the latter. Because of the history of racial relations in America, it is extremely difficult for me to accept any other rationalization! But,you can draw your own conclusions.

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