2008 Was A Historic Year For Both Good & Bad Reasons! Happy New Year!!


I don’t really have a list compiled for you because my thoughts just aren’t that organized. But, I do have a couple of reasons why 2008 will be one of the most memorable years in history. For starters, we elected Barack Obama this year which means George Bush is almost out of the picture. That’s two positives right there. The fact that Hillary Clinton put “18 million cracks ” in the proverbial ceiling & almost became McCain’s opponent was an historic moment as well.

In times of turmoil, we had Tina Fey helping us laugh. Sarah Palin was a good source of entertainment as well, although I’m sure it was unintended. This was a good year for folks like “Joe the Plumber” because he has gotten a lot out of being the subject of this election.  Yes, 2008 will definitely be a year for the history books!

Unfortunately, it will be for both good & bad reasons. A lot of stuff that was in the dark came to light. Although George Bush claimed we were not in a recession, the dire economic situation that America was really in became apparent this year. We’re not done with these bailouts yet.The housing crisis was revealed this year. Piracy really became a problem that the world became aware of. The horrific killings in Mumbai took place as well. Now, we have the Israel-Gaza conflict as well. Which brings me to the negative events that will carry over into 2009.

The Gov. Blagojevich scandal will continue to play out this year. Roland Burris will continue to assert that he is the right person to sit in Obama’s Senate seat. Hopefully, this will be the year that Caylee Anthony’s killer will be convicted & sentenced to death. 2009 will be an interesting year & we might even find out who got that Senate seat in Minnesota once & for all!

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