The Top 10 List About Annoying “Americanisms”!

After Christmas, everyone looks forward to the coming year. And we reflect on the current year. I enjoy some of the various top ten lists, especially this one. Here’s an excerpt from the

“The term “Happy Holidays” is certainly one that grates on this British ear and I confess it’s not the only one. Every day, I have to navigate the common language which, as George Bernard Shaw put it, divides our two nations.

But I don’t mean simple Americanisms like stroller (pushchair), diaper (nappy), ladybug (ladybird), Mom (Mum), entrée (main course), Santa (Father Christmas), takeout (takeaway), pre-owned (secondhand), mad (angry), chill (calm down), Santa (Father Christmas) etc etc but the phrases that really make you want to go postal.

Here are the top 10 that, after nearly seven years here, infuriate me most:

1. “Happy Holidays.”

Translation: “Merry Christmas but I realise you might be Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Bahai, something even more exotic, agnostic or Godless and I don’t want to offend you.”

2. “Have a Nice Day.”

Translation: “I would like you to have a pleasant time today” or “I hate you” – or anything in between.

3. “You’re welcome.”

Translation: Meaningless Pavlovian response to thank you.

4. “Do the math.”

Translation: “Work it out yourself, stupid.”

5. “Let’s visit with each other.”

Translation: “We should spend time together.”(End of Excerpt) To read the entire list go here:(

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