The Self-Proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff” In America Has His Own T.V. Show!

This guy is such a pompous ass! Joe Arpaio delights in self grandioseness & he is always in the spotlight.Whether you love him or hate him, Fox has decided that enough folks will be interested in a reality show featuring “America’s toughest sheriff!” Here’s more from MSNBC:

“In Arizona, seeing Joe Arpaio on TV is nothing new. But the self-described “America’s toughest sheriff” now has a national platform to pursue lawbreakers that stretches beyond the 5 o’clock news.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, which oversees the state’s most populous county, has a starring role in “Smile … You’re Under Arrest!,” a new reality show debuting Saturday on Fox Reality Channel.

A cross between “Punk’d” and “Cops,” the program sets up elaborate sting operations to snare people wanted on outstanding warrants. Actors and undercover deputies play along in faux scenarios where scofflaws are enticed to have a good time; the drama comes when cast members reveal the prank and waiting deputies slap on handcuffs.(End of First Excerpt)

“The sheriff is known for overseeing the Tent City Jail, where inmates are housed under surplus military tents. In Maricopa County jails, inmates don old-fashioned prison stripes and work on chain gangs.

But Arpaio has fielded harsher criticism in recent years for how things operate behind the scenes. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has paid millions of dollars in settlements involving dead or injured inmates.

“The reality is the man has lost complete touch with reality,” said Michael Manning, a Phoenix attorney who has won settlements for clients against the sheriff’s office. “He’s spending time on something like this as opposed to getting those felony warrants executed on our streets. … If it weren’t so serious, I’d say it would be funny.”

County officials have generally approved of inmates’ treatment, and Arpaio said he’s just doing his job. His critics, he said, are the ones out of touch and gunning for publicity.

“It’s the same little group of people that try to get me defeated. Well, I was just re-elected for the fifth time. The people like what I’m doing,” Arpaio said.”(End of Second Excerpt) Read the rest here: (

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