Caylee Anthony Can Finally Rest In Peace & Her Mother Will Be Tried For Her Murder!

I can’t say whether Casey Anthony murdered her own daughter or not. What has been proven thus far is that she is a habitual liar & a sociopath! If she is the culprit, I hope they give her ass the death penalty! I mean, Casey could have given Caylee up for adoption if she didn’t want her. Look at how she was discovered! Caylee Anthony’s body was in a trash bag & discarded in the woods. The meter reader that found this  mysterious bag had actually tried to report it back in August. But the first time a deputy came to the scene to investigate this bag, a snake scared him away! The meter reader made two more calls to the police which were not heeded. It just all sounds bizarre because the cadaver dogs had already covered that area & were not drawn to this bag. So, when did this bag get placed here & who put it there?

But, I’m just glad that they have finally identified the remains of Caylee Anthony. Now, she can be given a proper memorial & burial. May this beautiful angel ascend to heaven & those who are responsible for her demise should be put to death!

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3 responses to “Caylee Anthony Can Finally Rest In Peace & Her Mother Will Be Tried For Her Murder!

  1. deb

    Caylee will be in our hearts forever. God heard our prayers and she was found. We must continue to pray that God will bring justice for his precious gift that was tossed away like a piece of garbage.
    I feel for Caylee’s grandparents and family, their worlds have been turned upside down. I will keep them in my prayers as well. As for Casey, if she is guilty as many think, then she will be forever be in her own living hell. We love you Caylee !

  2. my heart goes out, to the family members of Caylee! although Caylee’s mother is a suspect you may want to look closer to any and all known child offender in the surrounding areas. remember that they tend to stalk their prey, usually know the territory their stalking, and always try to outwit the authority by, “cooperating with authorities.”

  3. amanda

    well, i feel that everybody shouldn’t have kids. If they cant’t take it having a child they should give the child up for adoption. I mean, you have people that can’t have kids and your getting abortions and killing them when the going gets tough and to me, that hurts me…
    I just don’t agree with this

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