George Bush Issuing A Statement Saying Robert Mugabe Had To Go!

Have you heard about the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe? I’m sure you’ve seen the heartwrenching photos & coverage on CNN. It’s unbelievable that most  Zimbabweans are living in such squalor in what is supposed to be a democratic society! And while his fellow countrymen are dying because of impoverishment, Robert Mugabe lives a life of regality! This video shows the beautiful palace that he resides in. How did he go from a freedom fighter to someone who won’t even lift a finger to provide assistance to those who are engulfed in this crisis? Has all sense of humanity left President Mugabe? I agree with George Bush’s statement. Robert Mugabe must go! He is now claiming that there is no cholera in Zimbabwe. Here’s more from Sky News:

“In a televised speech to the nation, the president said that cholera no longer existed in the country.

“I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others and WHO (the World Health Organisation)… so now that there is no cholera,” he said.

Mugabe also hit back at calls from Gordon Brown and George Bush for him to step down.

“Because of cholera, Mr Brown wants a military intervention,” he said.

Bush wants military intervention because of cholera.”

There is no cause for war any more,” Mugabe continued.

“The cholera cause doesn’t exist any more.”

Despite Mugabe’s claims, the number of people killed by the disease has risen to 783, with more than 16,000 suspected cases reported so far, the UN said.

The WHO has warned that the disease could affect up to 60,000 people in the coming weeks.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:

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