Some Americans Are Outraged By George Bush’s Attempt To Rewrite History!

George Bush is attempting to dictate his legacy before he leaves office. He wants to be remembered for all of the things that he didn’t really do. Does he really think that America will have fond memories of a man who bucked the Geneva convention & conducted his administration like a dictatorship?If so, he’s more delusional than I thought!

 In this video,Keith Olbermann does a superb job in detailing how he has failed the American people.Has terror decreased since we waged this war on terrorism? Apparently, support for the Taliban has increased. Here’s more from The Huffington Post:

“The increase In Taliban popularity, argues ICOS, is in part because NATO are the “failed occupying force” and the Taliban are the dominant opponent. The suffering of the Afghan people makes them wary of the true intentions of the international community and powerless against the Taliban’s proselytizing or coercion.

“Afghans support those who can provide security from physical harm, and many have no choice but to support the Taliban when they come to their district. We have heard stories of families who have one son in the Taliban and one son in the Afghan army – hedging their bets,” she says. “Our research has also shown many people join the Taliban as they are paid to fight – and unemployment levels are extremely high amongst young men – especially in the South. Until food, water and basic medicines are made available to the country’s population; the people of Afghanistan will remain vulnerable to Taliban recruitment and Taliban propaganda against the West.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:

And I find it interesting that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is being heralded as the “new Elliot Ness“. It’s great that he’s intent on rooting out the corruption in politics. So, I’m waiting for him to announce that he has George Bush under his radar.Because he is one of the biggest moral & political corrupters in U.S. history! Check this out from

If we allow future presidents, vice presidents, and top officials to believe there is no penalty for war crimes, we will be making war crimes far more likely. We will be handing human beings absolute power and hoping it doesn’t corrupt them.

A grass roots effort is needed, in collaboration with attorney allies. We need to do outreach to prosecutors and to elect better prosecutors at the state and district levels, to do outreach to gold star families, to lobby Congress for a special prosecutor, to lobby the U.S. attorney general for a special prosecutor, to educate the public, to organize and filing mandamus petitions, civil suits, and other law suits that peace groups and individuals can file, to work with allies abroad to use foreign and international mechanisms for justice, to pass resolutions like Brattleboro’s and Berkeley’s, and to advocate against abuse of the pardon power.

President Elect Obama’s official website is, not to be confused with At, Obama is asking you to ask him questions about policies that are important to you. This new feature can be found here.

We would like to encourage you to vote in support of a particular question that has already been asked, so that it rises to the top of the list and stays there, this question:

Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor – ideally Patrick Fitzgerald – to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?”
Bob Fertik, New York City”(End of Excerpt) Go here to find out more about this:

Why are we focusing no attention on one of the most corrupt politicians of our time?It is confounding to me! Ask Obama to hold George Bush accountable for the crimes he has committed. We must not allow Bush & his cronies to go quietly into the night.

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