Inauguration Day: Because The Civil Liberties Americans Lost Under Bush May Finally Be Restored

Lest We Forget!

Lest We Forget!

George Bush may seem sentimental about the time he has served in office. But most Americans are not reminiscing with him one bit!  They are  just super anxious for January 20 to get here. Now, some of you  are worried about the legality of Obama being sworn in almost to the point of paranoia. Do I detect yet another conspiracy theory? I got a lot of comments about my post about his citizenship. One person commented on the type of document it was. Someone else sent me  “the most coherent & unbiased” posting that he claims he ever read,even though it came from a blog that had “redneck” in it’s title. Yeah, that sounds really unbiased to me. And of course I was accused of being short sighted because I said he will take office. Another person wrote that I didn’t care about the Constitution if I wasn’t upset about Obama becoming our next president.

Since I guess all of these people have unrefuted evidence that he is not a U.S. citizen, I won’t lambaste them! Although, most of them identified themselves as Republicans. Yeah, we all know who they think the “real Americans” are. And not one of them said a peep about the part of my posting that talked about George Bush. I really want to hear from anyone out there who cares about this country. And I mean a true patriot. Because,man, George Bush has destroyed our civil liberties with his Patriot Act.

 Now, there is evidence that the N.S.A. illegally wiretapped a Muslim scholar. And if you write me a comment about Obama, don’t forget to tell me why you don’t care about the civil liberties that Bush so callously disregarded. I’d love to hear that from those who are fretting over Obama’s citizenship. Here’s more from The NY Times:

“A Congressional oversight panel plans to ask the National Security Agency to start an investigation into new evidence that the agency illegally wiretapped a Muslim scholar in Northern Virginia and concealed the eavesdropping during a 2005 trial in which the scholar was convicted on terrorism charges.

Representative Rush Holt, a New Jersey Democrat and chairman of the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel, said in an interview that he planned to ask the inspector general of the N.S.A. to open what would be the first formal investigation by the agency into whether its eavesdropping program had improperly interfered with an American’s right to a fair trial.

Mr. Holt said he was responding to new evidence presented to him and other Congressional leaders by the Muslim scholar’s lawyer indicating that the Bush administration tried to hide the full extent of the government’s illegal spying in the criminal case.” (End of first excerpt)

Here’s more on the government’s involvement:

“In a recently unsealed transcript of an October closed-court hearing in the case, the judge stated that she believed that the government appeared to have committed violations of federal rules governing evidence and discovery. She also ordered the government to search for further evidence of its use of secret surveillance operations against Mr. Timimi.”(End of Excerpt) Read the article in it’s entirety:(

That’s not enough for you. Well, here’s more from Washington

US President George W. Bush is proposing a new law which allows local and state police to spy on American citizens with no evidence.

The law proposed by the Department of Justice would permit local and state cops to gather intelligence on police suspicion, not evidence, keep it secret for up to 10 years, and share it with the federal government.

The draft has mounted fears among American activists as it gives the US police the go-ahead to stake out antiwar groups or people who the cops might deem as threats.

The police will be free to use public records, the Internet, undercover surveillance and other techniques to spy on threat groups and listen in on Americans’ communications, even when no crime has been committed and the likelihood of a crime is low.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

I guess these people who are so upset about Obama were oblivious to everything else that’s been going on for the past 8 years. They think America’s in trouble now because the incoming president is a suspicious character. We’re back to trying to figure out who Obama is when we should be doing something about who George Bush was. George Bush stepped all over the Constitution that some of you are screaming about. He lied to the American public every chance he got & had the whole world thinking that we were a country of buffoons & idiots. The outrage that I’m seeing expressed towards Obama is really misplaced. You should be seething with rage as an American about all that George Bush has yet to answer for! War crimes, police state, economy etc…

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