Betty Page: Pin-up Icon With The Raven Haired Bangs & The Banging Body!

Merry XXX-MAS!

Merry XXX-MAS!

Hot diggeddy damn, she is erotica personified. How could someone look so chaste in pictures that were considered wholly  indecent at the time. Betty Page represented corporeal feminism in the 1950s. She was completely comfortable with her body & showing it off. This raven haired beauty was known for her bangs  & her risque, nude bondage photos.There was a so-so movie about her life called “The Notorious Betty Page“. The best thing about that film was the uncanny resemblance between Gretchen Mol & Betty Page. And there was a girl on this past season of “Project Runaway” that hijacked Betty Page’s raven hairstyle ,right down to the bangs. For those retro chicks, she is just as relevant now as she ever was. Here’s more on this pinup icon:

“Scandalous at the height of her career, and almost innocently retro now, Bettie Page remains an icon of glamour and sexuality — even today, as she turns 85.

Bettie began her pin-up career in 1950, posing for private camera clubs that were essentially legal erotica rings in an era when nude photography was heavily restricted. Her friendly smile and uninhibited poses made her a hit with both photographers and the readers of men’s magazines. When photographer Bunny Yeager shot Bettie in animal-print lingerie amid a variety of wild animals, she quickly became a softcore supermodel, and the “Jungle Bettie” series became some of her most iconic work, leading to her January 1955 Playboy centerfold.
But Playboy was wholesome compared to Bettie’s “Dark Angel” work with photographer Irving Klaw. Klaw specialized in fetishistic content for his mail-order erotica business, and Bettie’s bondage and sado-masochism photo shoots led to her appearance before a Senate hearing on juvenile delinquency.

Bettie retired from modeling in 1957 and fled the public eye. She found religion and worked as a missionary. Later, still in anonymity, Bettie battled mental illness, and struggled through a series of failed marriages.”(End of Excerpt) Read the entire article here:(

Unfortunately, Betty Page suffered a heart attack this past week and is in a coma. At this time, it is not known what her chances of survival are. I hope she makes it!

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