Chris Matthews: The Talking Head’s Causing Controversy Over His Interest In Becoming A Senator!

The Vociferous Talking Head Known As Chris Matthews!

The Vociferous Talking Head Known As Chris Matthews!


I like Chris Matthews rapid fire style of commentary. The Hardball host has a boyish charm about him that makes him very appealing to watch. I like his wide  grins when he aggrees with his guest & the churlish smirks when he does not. He can get very vociferous when he feels passionate about a subject. I think he would make a very interesting candidate for the Philadelphia Senate seat. But, some feel that he should step down as a commentator for MSNBC if he has political ambitions. Here’s more from

MSNBC and its talk show host Chris Matthews are coming under increasing criticism as more and more details have emerged to reveal the extent of the pundit’s preparations to challenge Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

After Politico reported Thursday that Matthews has taken steps to establish residency in Pennsylvania and been advised by partisan operatives to quit MSNBC and begin his campaign, the network took incoming flak from all sides. 

Should Chris Matthews use his air time to fawn over the voters and governor of Pennsylvania while also weighing a run for Senate in Pennsylvania?” asked Eric Burns, president of Media Matters, a liberal watchdog group. “Of course not and these are issues [NBC News President] Steve Capus should address.” 

In a strange bedfellows moment, Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, had a similar view.

MSNBC has tarnished NBC’s reputation so badly, that the last thing NBC needs is a new controversy caused by MSNBC,” Bozell said, mentioning the perception of biased coverage during the presidential race brought on by the sister network’s commentators. ” (End of Excerpt) Read the entire article by  clicking on the link:(

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