Americans Know They Can Save Money On The Item Of Their Dreams On Black Friday!

Black Friday is the day where high-priced items are brought down to a reasonable price. Huge discounts & the fact that X-mas is almost here drives millions of Americans to get up before dawn to go shopping.If you’ve got the money to spend,now is the time to get to the stores& get all of your Christmas gifts and whatever else you need.But, it seems that folks get crazed about the prospect of not being able to save a couple of bucks.

Black Friday stampedes happen as a result of greedy shoppers salivating over how much stuff they can buy.And they will do whatever it takes to get to those items first,including trampling over folks.That’s what happened at Walmart today as soon as the store opened. There were throngs of people pushing their way into the store & it was a mob scene. I mean, they took the doors off the hinges & a Walmart worker was crushed to death by these avaricious consumers . We can’t allow ourselves to become psychotic over a “deal”. And these retail stores need to find a way to make Black Friday a safe shopping experience. Every year,people act like animals instead of human beings the day after Thanksgiving. You just spent time reflecting on how thankful you are for what you have,hopefully. And the next day, you become this rapacious thing that is determined to get what you want,by any means necessary. I guess the Thanksgiving spirit only lasts for one day for most people.

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