E.D. Hill:The Fox News Anchor Who Called The Obama’s Pound A “Terrorist Jab”Will Not Be Returning To Fox!

Fox News might have gotten rid of E.D. Hill because she’s getting old. You know they like to have the hot chicks over there. That is a totally oversexualized network. The women wear short skirts & low-cut blouses. Most of the female anchors look like they could be on some daytime soap opera like “The Young & The Restless“.

But most likely, E.D. Hill got canned from Fox because she inferred that both Michelle & Barack Obama were making a terrorist gesture when they did the infamous pound. There were a lot of baffled individuals out there after she called it a “terrorist jab.” What the fuck was that about & how did she even come up with such a notion?! In the video below, Rachael Maddow & Keith Olbermann discuss this ignoramus & it’s really quite funny. But, I am glad that Fox made her ass apologize a few days later. And now comes the news that the harebrained blond’s contract won’t be renewed. Good riddance!

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