Will Bill Kill Hillary’s Chance At Becoming Secretary Of State?

Will Bill Kill Hill's Chances? The Saga Continues...

Will Bill Kill Hill's Chance? The Saga Continues...

Some people really think that Bill Clinton hurt Hillary’s bid to become president & they believe he may get in the way of her becoming Secretary of State. During the primaries, a lot of folks were turned off by Bill Clinton’s style of campaigning. Even former President Jimmy Carter shares this view. Here’s an excerpt from the Washington Times:

“Taking a rare shot at his fellow White House alumnus, former President Jimmy Carter told The Washington Times that Bill Clinton became an unwittingly divisive figure during the Democratic primaries, damaging his wife Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chances to win the presidency with a series of verbal gaffes.

“As he tried to campaign for his wife, I think in the heat of the campaign he made some verbal mistakes,” Mr. Carter said in an interview Wednesday night, just minutes before Mr. Clinton took the podium at the Democratic National Convention.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article by going here:

As Obama assembles his administration, there are the inevitable leaks as to who his picks will be. It’s a guessing game that political pundits love to play. Everyone’s talking about how Obama will model his administration after that of Abraham Lincoln, a man that Obama said he greatly admires. This “team of rivals” theory has really taken shape due to his possible decision to offer Hillary Clinton the most powerful position in his administration. The big buzz right now is that Hillary Clinton may very well be America’s next Secretary of State ! Noone saw that coming. Whoopi Goldberg says she feels that Hillary would make a better Secretary of Health. There is a lot of debate about not only whether she’s right for the job. People are also discussing whether or not Bill Clinton will cost her this opportunity. Here’s more on that from Fox News:

“Could former President Bill Clinton’s charitable affairs cost Hillary Clinton the secretary of state job in Barack Obama’s administration?

That’s what insiders are wondering after reports that the former president’s financial and foreign entanglements could hurt the New York senator in her bid for a Cabinet post.

Politico.com reported Monday that Democrats “are becoming exasperated” by Bill Clinton’s response to requests for information about his finances.

“The sense among the no-drama Obama world is: This is well on its way to winning best Oscar for drama,” an unnamed Democrat told Politico.com.

Of worry, Politico.com said, is whether Clinton’s charity would create a conflict of interest with foreign governments. The New York Times reported Sunday that lawyers from the Obama camp were looking into the former president’s dealings with foreign governments and pharmaceutical companies.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/11/17/clintons-foreign-affairs-cost-hillary-secretary-post/


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