The Republican Party Finally Has To Come To Grips With Their Lack Of Diversity!

The General Consensus

The General Consensus

People jokingly referred to the GOP as the party of “old white men” throughout the election. Not a good thing when you claim to represent a country that is increasingly becoming a true “melting pot.” I daresay, but I think the GOP is in a bit of a pickle unless they can find a way to modernize their party. How can you do that if you’re not being all-inclusive? Some minorities feel that the Republican party really does take care of their needs, though. Check out this excerpt from the Indian American Republican Council:

Why the Indian-American vote should go to the Republican candidate

     2004 will be remembered as a watershed year for the Indian-American community and the Republican Party. Community activism combined with President George W. Bush’s leadership has led to a new, dynamic relationship between Indian-Americans and the GOP:

· Nearly 20 Indian-Americans served as delegates to the Republican National Convention, the highest number ever, with close to 30 South Asian delegates in all. Indian-Americans have received 14 full-time political appointments in the administration of President George W. Bush. This is the highest number ever.
· There are at least 7 more Indian-Americans appointed to presidential commissions.
· For the first time ever in American history, a Hindu spiritual leader was welcomed into the White House. This occurred when President Bush welcomed Sri Sri Ravi Shankar into the Oval Office in May 2004.
· President Bush regularly mentions Hindus in his speeches in reference to his faith-based initiative, something no President ever did before.
· President Bush honored Hindus with an official White House celebration on the occasion of Diwali in November 2003. This was the first time ever such an event took place.
· President Bush honored Sikhs with an official White House celebration on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the installation of the Sikh Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, in the Golden Temple. This was the first time such an event ever took place.
· For the first time in our nation’s history, an Indian-American, Bobby Jindal, will be elected as a Republican Member of Congress.
· Nikki Randhawa Haley, an Indian-American woman, will be elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives as a Republican.
· For the first time ever, the Indian American Republican Council (IARC) hosted a successful reception and dinner at the Republican National Convention to honor our Indian-American delegates and to express our support for Republican leadership. Nearly 200 people attended this event, including Members of Congress, media and other dignitaries.
· The IARC is also expanding, with 13 independent state affiliates in existence and more on the way.(End of Excerpt) Read the entire article here:

A lot of minorities really don’t feel like the Republicans care about their issues until they need their vote. And the Republican convention really did not help mobilize the minority vote either. If anything it helped to discourage it because it was almost totally whitewashed. I am sure that they will finally realize after the upset that occurred in this election that they desperately need to find a way to appeal to all minorities. Here’s an interesting excerpt from

The GOP is now virtually an all-white party, and being an all-white party in the United States of today is an unmitigated liability.

The party hasn’t had one non-white federal office holder in several years – not one. John McCain is going to get maybe 5% of the black vote, perhaps 25-30% of the Latino vote, and maybe a slightly larger percentage of the still-small Asian vote.

America is just getting more and more racially diverse.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:





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