Lindsay Lohan Getting Her Comeuppance When Animal Activists Threw Flour On Her

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is not one of my favorite actresses. I think that she is remarkably similar to the character she portrayed in “Mean Girls.” Yeah, she had a difficult childhood & all that jazz! I know! But, most American families are dysfunctional so that’s really no excuse. We either learn from our parent’s mistakes or we repeat them. Since both of her parents have had drug & anger management issues, it seems like she has emulated their lives.

We all know about her cocaine & alcohol addictions because they were so well-publicized. I sympathize with anyone who is struggling with issues in their lives, so she did have my empathy at first. But, she blew it when she was involved in that wild car chase in 2007.Remember that she blamed the black guy once she got caught. Here’s an excerpt from

When police finally arrived on the scene, Dante claims that Lindsay told the officers, “I wasn’t driving. The black kid (Jakon) was driving.” Dante and Jakon reportedly watched Lindsay flunk her field sobriety test, saying when she tried to touch her nose, she almost fell over.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole post by going here:

In that incident, she allegedly told those guys that since she was a celebrity she could do whatever she wanted. Lindsay Lohan seems to be under the impression that she say anything she want as well. I guess that’s why she called Barack Obama America’s “first colored president.” What if we branded Lindsay Lohan as America’s “first Disney dyke ?” I think that would be equally as harsh as using racist & outdated terms such as “colored” to describe someone. Even Disney stopped using “colored” to refer to blacks a long time ago. Maybe the former disney darling didn’t get that memo. Frankly, I think she intended for that comment to get the reaction that it did. Remember, she wanted to help Barack Obama during his campaign & he refused? This was this little uppity chick’s way of trying to insult the president-elect. It’s just like calling someone a fag or a dyke.

So, I wasn’t mad at those animal activists who threw flour in her face because she was wearing fur. Follow this link to read more about it:   (     ) All the shit that she has done to others makes me have no empathy for her. What those animal activists did was extreme, though. I may not like Lindsay Lohan but noone should be able to assault you physically in any way, shape, or form. It made me think of a movie that I really like called “Year of the Dog.” That movie was about a woman who goes through a lot of emotional turmoil due to her passion for dogs. The death of her dog leads her to discover  that her true destiny in life is to become a animal activist. This woman almost went over the brink of sanity because of it. In one scene, she attacks her neighbor because she believes he inadvertently poisoned her dog! This woman went to great extremes to save animals. Here’s an excerpt from an article on extremism in America which I got from the Anti-Defamation League’s site:

“During the past two decades, radical environmental and animal rights groups have claimed responsibility for hundreds of crimes and acts of terrorism, including arson, bombings, vandalism and harassment, causing more than $100 million in damage. While some activists have been captured, ecoterror cells – small and loosely affiliated – are extremely difficult to identify and most attacks remain unsolved. Although it has been overshadowed by Islamic terrorist threats since September 11, ecoterrorism remains one of the country’s most active terrorist movements. ( End of Excerpt) Read the entire article by following this link:

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