Election Aftermath: “The Straight Talk Express” Has Ran Over Sarah Palin! And Joe Lieberman Has His Tail Between His Legs!

Sarah Palin Was Thrown Under It & Ran Over By It!
Sarah Palin Was Thrown Under It & Ran Over By It!

Barack Obama is now the president of the United States. I bet Joe Lieberman never thought that was going to happen. Poor fool! He really believed that he was on the winning side of the political game. Joe Lieberman was one of John McCain’s biggest cheerleaders. So, that should be his fate. He should be stuck with the losing side. Joe Lieberman put self-interest first instead of country, just like McCain did. As of right now, Joe Lieberman’s fate is up in the air. And so is Sarah Palin’s political destiny.

Some folks are still in awe of the Republican superstar & are dismayed to see her star plumett. Others are trashing her & she has become a scapegoat for the failure of the campaign. I mean, is it really true that she did not know that Africa was a continent? Sarah Palin must have known what NAFTA was, right? And that she spent thousands more than the $150,000 that was being reported? If Sarah Palin is that fucking stupid, why the hell was she on the ticket in the first place? Aren’t you glad he didn’t get elected? Because the people surrounding him are despicable & these Mccain staffers would have had some part in his administration. Don’t you just love when people get thrown under the bus? In Sarah Palin’s case, “The Straight Talk Express”ran over her then backed up & did it again. Damn!

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