BARACK OBAMA WINS!!!! Comedians Like Richard Pryor Will Have A Real Black President To Imitate!




This is the moment in history that so many blacks have hoped for. America has finally started to tear down it’s racial barrier. Barack Obama is the first black president in THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES!! A multicultual America has made it’s choice. Sorry, Sarah & John! We were the “real Americans” all along! The festering racial wounds that has blighted the beauty of America will heal at long last. This nation has always gone through different phases. With the election of Barack Obama as president, we have entered a new definitive era of change. Hopefully, we will all embrace this transformation of America. It will once again be known as the land of opportunity to disenfranchised people around the world.

I picked this really funny clip of a Richard Pryor skit where he portrays the first black president of America. Since this was just pure fantasy back in the 70’s, I wonder how Richard Pryor would view this major shift in American politics. He probably never imagined that it would become an actuality over 30 years later. What was striking in this video was just how accurately he incorporated the fears people have about a black man becoming president in this skit. Richard Pryor as the first black president, knows the Muslim greeting,& he wants to include a Black Panther in his cabinet. All of the same accusations that were hurled at Obama could be seen in this skit. It seemed like some whites were fearful of Obama turning this country into a black nation. I know Obama will turn this into an equal nation with an opportunity for all.

Well, AMERICA HAS SPOKEN! THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE MOMENT FOR THE WORLD NOT JUST THE UNITED STATES! I’m so elated ! Yes, we can become one America! No more freakin’ Sarah Palin & John McCain! All of the people who fought for the right for blacks to vote have given us this moment! Thank God that blacks, asians, mexicans, indians, etc… will all have their chance at governing. Maybe now things won’t be so lopsided & everyone will have a chance to elevate themselves. I am confident that we made the right choice here in America. Yes, we did! Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is coming to fruition.

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