Will You Be Upset If Obama Wins?

I Predict Obama!

I Predict Obama!

I know I won’t! I voted for Barack Obama today as promised. John McCain is just not my cup of tea. So, I must confess that I will be harboring more anger & bitterness than a Hillary Clinton supporter if he loses! This country was so prosperous when Bill Clinton was president that it was easy for some to take it for granted. America is the greatest nation on this earth. That is a statement that rings as untrue around most of the world. Our reputation has really gone down. Now, you may not care about regaining the repect of the world. I don’t believe that George Bush did either. Since McCain is so big on waging wars, I couldn’t go for him. We need the right kind of change which I believe we will get tonight. If my prediction is accurate, I pose a question to you. Will you be upset if Obama wins? Leave a comment.

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