McCain’s Straight Talk Express Breaks Down Again! John “The Coal Booster” Was Once John “The Coal Reducer!”

The Bullshit Express!
The Bullshit Express!

Oh, lordy ! He is such a maverick that he outmavericks himself! All of a sudden, we get a November stunt! It’s not a surprise that this is another hypocritical manuever that is being pulled by John McCain. The McCain amendment was said to be detrimental to the coal business. This is the opposing view to his amendement which is taken from Think

“During the 2005 debate, Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) was one such critic: “It is my understanding that the amendment, according to Charles River Associates, which analyzed its provisions, would cause the loss of 24,000 to 47,000 Ohio jobs in 2010. … The McCain amendment will put coal out of business.” Three years later — after unprecedented wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts — McCain has abandoned his brave stand. Instead, with the help of those of the far right he once challenged, he is now putting polluters first. (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:(

Now , we have a new Obama controversy involving his stance on coal. The McCain campaign took a statement he made & totally misconstrued it. Now, Sarah Palin is promising to protect the very coal industry that McCain wanted to move the country away from. But, as usual the talk is far from straight. He really has proven that he will go to great lengths to win! Here’s an excerpt from L.A. Times:

“Among the first to respond to Palin’s attack was Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, an Obama supporter.

“After John McCain said he’d like to ‘transition away from coal entirely,’ his campaign is hardly in a position to criticize a coal-state senator like Barack Obama, who has outlined a $150-billion investment in clean coal and other technologies to create jobs and build a new energy economy,” said Strickland, referring to a comment made in 2000 by the Arizona senator during a Senate hearing on global warming.

“The truth is, John McCain and Sarah Palin can’t name a single thing they’d do differently on the economy than George Bush, so all they have to offer is last-minute desperate distortions.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:

I’ll be glad when this whole thing is finally over! And that is some straight talk for your ass! All of the finger-pointing made me feel like I was back on an elementary schoolyard. Although the whole political process was exhilarating & entertaining, I hope that future elections won’t be so dumbed down. I mean, “lipstick on a pig” & “Joe, the plumber” were two of the most sickening phrases that I hope fade with the memories of this election. Either way it goes, it will be history in the making. I know I will be helping to write a history that will bode well for America’s future by voting for Barack Obama. Tomorrow, I pick genius over the same “experience” that we have had for the last 8 years.

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