Some Folks Are Happy That Compulsory Voting Isn’t Part Of The American Political Process!


No Voice Is No Choice!
No Voice Is No Choice!

Some folks are just so disgusted with their options in this election that they remain undecided. They just can’t decide who they would rather share a beer with, like they could when Bush was running for president. These guys are both just too elite, they say. For that reason, everyone in America will not cast their vote on Nov. 4,2008. But, what if you got fined for not voting? 

Compulsory voting is part of the political process in countries like Australia. Here’s a description of their voting practices from On Line Opinion:
“The impact of compulsory voting on the dynamics of a national election is striking. The billions of dollars spent in time and effort trying to ensure that people actually register to vote and then fill in a ballot paper just doesn’t happen in Australia. Political parties focus their efforts on promoting their leader and his or her party’s policies.

And as Adelaide University’s Lisa Hill, who has researched and written extensively on this topic notes, “By ensuring that voting participation is not confined to the more prosperous members of society, compulsory voting serves to protect such important democratic values as representativeness, legitimacy, accountability, political equality and minimisation of elite power”.

No doubt this fact does not concern those on the conservative side of politics in this country who support voluntary voting.

Participating in democracy should not be optional. Even if you despise politicians and the political process, you have to turn out a couple of times every three or four years to vote for your state or national government. It forces even the most cynical individual to at least cast a fleeting glance at the political process and that is a desirable outcome. An outcome we should cherish.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:

What do you think of compulsory voting? Do you believe it’s your civic duty to vote or just a right that you should be able to shirk? Because this country has been speeding down the wrong road, I believe it is my civic duty to get off my ass & vote! Compulsory voting would also get rid of all of the scandals involving ACORN & voter suppression by the GOP. If people had to vote anyway, these voting issues would not exist. The candidates would each have to define who they are instead of trying to undermine voter’s rights & bombard us with attack ads. Now, I don’t need someone to hold a candle to my feet to get me to mark my ballot. I don’t understand those that do. If you truly love your country, then you should make sure your voice is heard. Don’t be ignorant of your rights & the importance of your vote. There is a reason why people want to suppress it & discuss ACORN instead. Read this form TPMMuckraker:

“A former top Department of Justice voting rights official — who once worked with John McCain in defense of the senator’s campaign-finance reform bill — has added his name to the growing chorus that is denouncing the department’s investigation of ACORN as a shameful and inappropriate politicization of Justice along the lines of the US attorney firings.

Speaking to TPMmuckraker, Gerry Hebert described the investigation, word of which was leaked off the record to the Associated Press less than three weeks before the election, as “a continuation of injecting DOJ into what has clearly become a political issue.” (End Of Excerpt) Read the full article here:

Go here for answers to questions about voting rights :

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