John McCain: We Know He Was More Than Half-Serious When He Said It Was His Turn To Be President!



John The Humorist!
John The Humorist!

Tonight was John McCain’s best night in weeks. He was relaxed & humorous. He even seemed to be tickled standing next to Tina Fey. I hate to add to the gossip about the tension between the two running mates. But, I think McCain was more at ease with Tina Fey than he is with Sarah Palin. Tina Fey really does portray Sarah Palin as slightly more of a ditz than she is. John McCain didn’t seem to mind. I wonder if Palin found it funny. Nah, she probably was not amused but I sure was!

I’m not so sure that he should have pleaded, jokingly or not, for the voters to give him a chance. We should take pity on an old man & give him the presidency. He’s been saying that we need to let Obama wait 4 more years. Well if he’s a “socialist” that “palls around with terrorists” and “anti-americans”, why aren’t you saying that he should never be allowed to run again? Because you know that you have been spreading untruths,sir. You are a war hero who deserves tons of medals but your service does not mean that America is indebted to you. Sorry, John! Right now, it really is the economy,stupid! No, but really!That seemed like a desperate attempt to make an appeal to voters under the guise of comedy. All in all, it was a good show tonight. But, I’m still voting for Obama on Tuesday.

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