George Bush: Watch Lou Dobb’s Report On His Vision Of A “New America”!

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Richard Nixon was the most hated president until recently. Now, George Bush has taken his place. Initially, people were immediately charmed by the Texan who they felt they could relate to. When 9/11 hit, it was almost sacrilegious to voice any concerns about the President. People had pledged blind allegiance to George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. But it all fell apart when Americans found out there were no weapons of mass destruction.It had all been one big deception. There are theories about why George Bush was so intent to go to war with Iraq. Here’s an article that has an interesting hypotheis from Mar 17,2003:
As the United States stands this day virtually upon the precipice of
determining the fate of not only our nation, but the entire world for
generations to come silence in the face of George W. Bush’s dogs of war is
morally and politically unacceptable
. At the risk, therefore, of alienating
many of the readers of THE AGRIBUSINESS EXAMINER this issue is one
journalist’s effort to speak truth to absolute power, a power we can see
each and every day is corrupting absolutely!!!

Blindly, in a false sense of patriotism, and led by a war mongering
, and cheered on by such publications as The Washington Post and
television networks like FOX
, in addition to the dozens and dozens of
right-wing radio “commentators” who spend most of their waking hours
complaining about the
“liberal” bias in the media (???), the American
people are being hoodwinked into a war designed to solely benefit those
“gamblers in the necessities of life

As our friend political columnist Molly Ivins recently pointed out:

“According to a poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS, 42% of
Americans believe Saddam Hussein of Iraq was personally responsible for the
attacks on the World Trade Center, something that has never even been
claimed by the Bush administration. According to a poll conducted by ABC,
55% believe Saddam Hussein gives direct support to Al Qaeda, a claim that
has been made by the administration but for which no evidence has ever been
presented. President Bush has lately modified the claim to “Al Qaeda-type”
organizations. This is how well journalism has done its job in the months
leading up to this war. A disgraceful performance
.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here
In this video, Lou Dobbs talks about George Bush’s fulfillment of a vision that his father had. Lou Dobbs describes it as “A New World Order”. You know Dobbs is fixated on border control & immigration, so he was reporting on this quite a bit. George Bush hopes to implement open borders from Mexico to America and Canada to America by 2010. Did you know that? This video contains part of his report.

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2 responses to “George Bush: Watch Lou Dobb’s Report On His Vision Of A “New America”!

  1. Robert Lewis

    Lou Dobb of CNN and what he pays in property tax on some parcels of land in New Jersey

    14 acres for $26.03 annually
    31 acres for $146.94 annually
    30 acres for $238.08 annually
    62 acres for $414.78 annually
    43 acres for $368.28 annually
    90 acres for $597.06 annually

    270 acres for $1,793.27 equals $6.64 (six dollars and sixty-four cents) an acre for property tax

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