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Bobby Jindall: Is He The Republican’s Answer To Obama?

Republican's Answer To Obama!

Is He The Republican's Answer To Obama?

Bobby Jindall is a role model for so many Southeast Asians. Look how far he has ascended up the political ladder. He is the first non-white to become governor of Louisiana for over a century. Many folks feel that since Bobby Jindall has made so many great strides in life, a 2012 run against Barack Obama is a very foreseeable future for him. It would certainly be a better choice than Sarah Palin. Whenever Bobby Jindall starts to talk, it makes sense what he is saying. But when Sarah Palin speaks for any real length of time, I get lost in translation. Yes, a dark, handsome Indian man would seem to be the ideal candidate for a party that seems to be mostly caucasian. Having Bobby Jindall as the face of the Republican party would make the GOP not seem so antiquated. But, what does he have to say about running for president in 2012? He’s more concerned about the gubernatorial re-election in 2011. But here’s more on Jindall from Right Pundits:

“Jindal would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a presidential ticket. He is known for his systematic ways of accomplishing goals. He sets out a straight forward agenda, and he executes. Listen to what he said the Republicans need to do to win back congress:

“Republicans have to do three things. First, the party has to start doing the things which it says it stands for, like demonstrate fiscal discipline.

No. 2, we have to stop making excuses for corruption in our own party, and third, we have to be the party of solutions, not just blame Democrats for every problem.”

Seeing the man, you probably wouldn’t expect a southern accent. It made me chuckle. But it shows that even in Louisiana, skin color isn’t holding people back like it used to. He is the first non-white to be elected governor of Louisiana since reconstruction.“(End of Excerpt) Read the entire article here:(

Although Bobby Jindall is the most known Indian American in politics, there are many more Indian Americans who paved the way for Bobby Jindall to become the first Indian American governor in any state, let alone Louisiana. Here’s a brief history of Indian Americans in government & politics:

Dalip Saund (1899-1973) became a U.S. congressman in 1957. Born in the Punjab region of India, he immigrated to the United States in 1920. He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley and was one of the earliest activists fighting for the citizenship and residence rights of Asian Indians in the United States. 

Many Asian Indian Americans have been appointed to administrative positions. Joy Cherian was Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner from 1990 to 1994. Cherian was first appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission in 1987. In 1982 Cherian founded the Indian American Forum for Political Education and today runs a consulting firm. Sambhu Banik, a Bethesda psychologist, was appointed in 1990 as executive director of the President’s Committee on Mental Retardation. Kumar Barve (1958– ), a Democrat from Maryland, was elected vice chairman of the Montgomery County’s House delegation in 1992. Barve became the first Asian Indian in the country to be elected to a state legislature. Bharat Bhargava was appointed assistant director of Minority Business Development Authority by President George Bush. Dinesh D’Souza, a graduate of Dartmouth and an outspoken conservative, was appointed a domestic policy advisor in the Reagan administration. He is a first generation Asian Indian, having come to the United States as an undergraduate student, and is the author of Illiberal Education: Politics of Sex and Race on Campus. D’Souza is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). T.R. Lakshmanan was head of the Bureau of Statistics in the Transportation Department. Arthur Lall (1911– ) has been involved in numerous international negotiations, has written extensively on diplomacy and negotiations, including the 1966 book Modern International Negotiator, and has taught at Columbia University. President Bush named Gopal S. Pal a member of the board of regents, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences under the U.S. Defense Department. Arati Prabhakar served as research director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce. Zach Zachariah of Florida was President Bush’s 1992 finance committee chairman in that state, and had the distinction of raising the most funds of any one person in that campaign. Three Asian Indians have won elections as mayors: John Abraham in Teaneck, New Jersey, David Dhillon in El Centro, California; and Bala K. Srinivas in Holliwood Park, Texas.” (End of Excerpt) Go here for the whole article:(

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Britney Spears Is Bringing Sexy Back ,Bitch! Watch Her Perform “Womanizer” In Germany!

So Steamy That You Knew Britney Was Going To Boil Over!

So Steamy That You Knew Britney Was Going To Boil Over!

Okay,I admit that this performance at the Bambi awards in Germany isn’t exactly original. But, Britney Spears looks almost as sexy as she did when she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in her undies looking like the innocent virgin who was ripe for the picking. Whether or not she was really virginal did not matter. For some reason, you believed her when she said she was saving it for marriage. How naive we all were that took her for her word.

It turned out that she lost her virginity at 14. Thanks to her loyal,caring mom the world found out that Britney Spear’s virtuous persona was concocted by her managers. You see, I guess Lynne Spears thought it would be a good idea to write a tell-all book about her troubled daughter’s life. She allowed her own flesh & blood to present herself as a writhing,seductive, “Lolita”. Here’s more on that from NY Daily News:

“In a tell-all book, Spears’ mother, Lynne, reveals her daughter surrendered her chastity to a high school football stud when she was just 14.

Mama Spears, 53, also dishes that the pop icon took a liking to booze when she was a 13-year-old Mouseketeer and began experimenting with drugs at 15.

By age 16, Britney’s wild-child behavior stunned her family when she was caught with cocaine and marijuana on a private jet, Lynn Spears claims.

The book, “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World,” is set for release Sept. 16, but The Sun of London published titillating highlights on Thursday.

Lynne Spears, 53, confesses her regret of losing control of Britney’s career to handlers who promoted her as a sex object and put her in raunchy videos.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:

We all know that Britney Spears had a nervous breakdown because of Kevin Federline. Her song “Womanizer” shows just how callous he was toward her. But really, I think that Justin Timberlake was the real catalyst of her problems. Once they broke up, it all went rapidly downhill from there.

But, she’s back looking fierce & hot! Some people have compared her to Madonna with her new dominatrix look. Britney Spears is too much of a Southern belle to have that hard edge that Madonna has. In this video, she is making a comeback at an awards show in Germany, especially body wise. Wow, look at her ass in this video! It’s perfectly fashioned into a rotund shape! Britney Spears is bringing sexy back, bitch!

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Americans Know They Can Save Money On The Item Of Their Dreams On Black Friday!

Black Friday is the day where high-priced items are brought down to a reasonable price. Huge discounts & the fact that X-mas is almost here drives millions of Americans to get up before dawn to go shopping.If you’ve got the money to spend,now is the time to get to the stores& get all of your Christmas gifts and whatever else you need.But, it seems that folks get crazed about the prospect of not being able to save a couple of bucks.

Black Friday stampedes happen as a result of greedy shoppers salivating over how much stuff they can buy.And they will do whatever it takes to get to those items first,including trampling over folks.That’s what happened at Walmart today as soon as the store opened. There were throngs of people pushing their way into the store & it was a mob scene. I mean, they took the doors off the hinges & a Walmart worker was crushed to death by these avaricious consumers . We can’t allow ourselves to become psychotic over a “deal”. And these retail stores need to find a way to make Black Friday a safe shopping experience. Every year,people act like animals instead of human beings the day after Thanksgiving. You just spent time reflecting on how thankful you are for what you have,hopefully. And the next day, you become this rapacious thing that is determined to get what you want,by any means necessary. I guess the Thanksgiving spirit only lasts for one day for most people.

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The Beat Generation:Artists like Bob Dylan & The Beatles Were Inspired By The Beat Culture

America has gave birth to many different interesting cultures. The Beat culture was definitely one of the most cool & influential ones. Those who subscribed to the Beat philosophy were against the consumption of wealth. It was a way of life that inspired artists like Bob Dylan & The Beatles. Here’s more from Wikipedia:

“Since 1958, the terms Beat Generation and beat have been used to describe the anti-materialistic literary movement that began with Kerouac in 1948, stretching on into the 1960s. The Beat philosophy of anti-materialism and soul-searching influenced 1960s musicians such as Bob Dylan, the early Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

At the time that the terms were coined, there was a trend amongst young college students to adopt the stereotype, with men wearing goatees and berets, rolling their own cigarettes and playing bongos. Fashions for women included black leotards and wearing their hair long, straight and unadorned in a rebellion against the middle-class culture of beauty salons. Marijuana use was associated with the subculture, and during the 1950s, Aldous Huxley‘s The Doors of Perception further influenced views on drugs.”(End of Excerpt) Read the entire entry here:

This video is a documentary on The Beat Generation. If you weren’t born during this era like me, you will be able to get a feel for what it was like back then. I’ve always imagined 1950″s society to be similar to “Leave It To Beaver” & “I Love Lucy”. The Beat culture was such a cool contrast to the squeaky-clean Stepford society of the 1950’s. Oh, how I wish I could have witnessed Jack Kerouac read his poetry in person instead of having to rely on you-tube.

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Adrienne Bailon: Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Nixed The Cheetah Girls Because One Cheetah Got Too Wild!

Oh,you naughty Disney girl!

Oh,you naughty Disney girl!


Tsk,Tsk,  Adrienne Bailon! Those naughty,nude photos of you that have been in circulation all over the internet may have just ruined more than your Thanksgiving. A lot of little girls are going to be crushed about The Cheetah Girls cancelled performance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,not to mention the other members of your group. Since you’re dating Kim Kardashian’s brother, I wonder if her sex tape influenced you to create a “scandal” of your own. Controversy always works when you’re trying to grab some attention for yourself! Check out this excerpt from N.Y Daily News:

It’s a cheetah-licious scandal that’s apparently become too hot to swallow on Thanksgiving.

Thekid-friendly act, the Cheetah Girls, has been scratched from the Macy’sThanksgiving Day Parade after seminude photos of one of the Disneydarlings surfaced on the Internet.

Macy’s officials insisted”scheduling issues” caused the trio’s sudden disappearance from theparade schedule, suggesting the naughty snapshots of Adrienne Bailondid not influence the decision. ”

And on the possible motives for the emergence of said photos:

“Bailon’s friend, Jonathan Jaxson, said he and the 25-year-old singerconcocted the story that the racy photos were swiped from her laptopand posted without permission.

“Adrienne wanted me to plant thestory about the laptop,” Jaxson, a Hollywood publicist, told the DailyNews, explaining Bailon’s desire to be seen as more adult and sexy.

“[She]wanted to distance herself from the Cheetah Girls. She decided, ‘Let’sspice it up’ and say possible nude photos were stolen from her laptop.”

Jaxson said the publicity stunt was hatched after Bailon’s laptop was indeed stolen at JFK Airport more than a week ago.

I’vedone this before with several stars and we’ve had great success, butthis is the first time it’s ever bitten me in the rear or a client,”Jaxson said. “(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:(

And I’m off to eat some great Thanksgiving spread! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!


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Hot Anchor Anderson Cooper: Everyone Wants To Know Which Team He Bats For!


Anderson Cooper & His Boyfriend?

Anderson Cooper & His Boyfriend?

Oh, Ne-Ne from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is really lucky to have Anderson Cooper’s admiration. What I wouldn’t do just to get those crystal blue eyes to gaze upon me! He is serious eye candy & that is no exaggeration. I look at his show more for how good he looks than how in-depth his journalism is. So, I’m wondering if all of those persistent rumors about his sexuality are true or not. The guy in the picture is supposed to be his live-in lover,wine importer Julio Cesar Recio. Isn’t he fine? Since this is one area where Anderson Cooper remains less than candid, we can only speculate which team he bats for!

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George & Laura Bush: They Actually Made Christmas & Hanukkah One Holiday!

The Christmas/Hanukkah Invite!

The Christmas/Hanukkah Invite!

Don’t worry George & Laura Bush! You’ve got less than 60 days to embarrass yourselves again. Because this oversight with the Christmas/Hanukkah invititations is pretty darn strange! Here’s an excerpt from New York Post about these peculiar invites:

“In the background, the White House windows are festooned with Christmas wreaths.

The incongruity of the message did not go unnoticed.

It’s absolutely bizarre to receive an invite to the White House for Hanukkah in a Christmas format,” said one person who was invited. “They should have consulted with their chief of protocol before sending this out. This belongs right in the ‘Weird But True’ column.”

Jewish community leader Isaac Abraham of Brooklyn had a simpler explanation.

It’s obvious what’s going on here: The Christmas tree is being taken out of the White House and the menorah is being brought in the back,” he quipped.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:(


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The Phelps Family: The Most Hated Family In America!!!!!

Brace yourself when you enter into the world of irrationality & insanity that the Phelps family lives in. Now, this is the most deplorable family that I have ever seen! How is it that noone has taken these kids away? Is it okay to raise children on a steady diet of hate & vitriol? I shudder to think what a nation of these types of psychos would be like! Here’s a little background info on them from Wikipedia:

Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. (born November 13, 1929) is an American pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), an independent Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas.[1][2][3][4][5][6] He is a disbarred lawyer, founder of the Phelps Chartered law firm and previous candidate for political office. He and his family are currently notorious for their anti-gay protests, claiming that most natural disasters and terrorist attacks are God’s punishment for a society that tolerates homosexuality.

He is known for public use of slogans (and banners carrying slogans) such as “Pervert Pope”, “The Godfather of Pedophiles”, “You’re Going to Hell“, “Don’t Pray for the U.S.A.”, “Thank God for 9/11“, “Thank God for Katrina“, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”, “America Is Doomed”, “God Hates Fags“, “AIDS Cures Fags”, “God Is Your Enemy”, “Too Late to Pray”, “God Hates You”, “Priests Rape Boys”, “Catholic Priests Are Liars” and “Fags Die, God Laughs (or Mocks)”, and claims that God will punish homosexuals as well as people such as Bill O’Reilly, Coretta Scott King, Ronald Reagan, and Howard Dean, whom his church considers “fag-enablers”.[7][8] He has also thanked God for the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and the 2005 flooding of James Bay in central Canada.[9]

Phelps and his followers frequently picket various events, especially military funerals, gay pride gatherings, high-profile political gatherings, and even Christian gatherings and concerts with which he has no affiliation, arguing it is their sacred duty to warn others of God’s anger. When criticized, Phelps’ followers say they are protected in doing so by the First Amendment.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:(

That’s what so great about America! Even these miscreants can emit the most vile language,say they hate America,& then use the First Amendment as a safeguard. How deplorable! There are many folks who detest their pestilent conduct. And one of them may have set their garage on fire. Here’s more on that from CJOnline:

“Topeka firefighters were dispatched to Westboro Baptist Church, 3701 S.W. 12th St., at 1:05 a.m. A fence and garage were engulfed in flames. ”

Shirley Phelps-Roper said she thinks the fire was intentionally set.

“None of what they do is going to stop us from delivering our message,” Phelps-Roper said as she watched firefighters continue to spray water on the garage.

“We’re not surprised by this,” Phelps-Roper said, adding that anyone who may have started the fire were “cowards.”

Phelps-Roper said firefighters responded and “did what they were supposed to do.”

As she pointed to the house where her parents live, she said, “There are two elderly people who live here.” Phelps-Roper said her mother, Margie Phelps, is 82 and her father, Fred Phelps Sr., is 78.

She also said this is the most aggressive act toward her family to date.”(End of Excerpts) Read the whole article in it’s entirety here:(

The video I included contains a interview with the Phelps family that was conducted by Louis Theroux of BBC. It’s a very disturbing & engrossing look at this odious family.

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Ann Coulter Has Been Temporarily Silenced! Her Mouth Is Wired Shut!

The obnoxious, anorexic-looking Ann Coulter’s jaw is wired shut! After the boorish behavior she has shown, I’m not sure I feel sorry for her. Remember what she said about the 9/11 widows? It was so ill-bred that it would in bad taste for me to repeat it here. This is a badly informed woman who trys to project the image of a tough honest journalist. What tough honest journalist would distort the truth on a regular basis while dressed in lewd attire? Yes, her choice of garb shows how desperate she is to promote her sexuality. She’s a self-professed conservative whose clothing is anything but! What man hasn’t noticed her long,scrawny legs that she displays at every given opportunity? Isn’t it obvious how high my opinion is of her? Doesn’t it seem like she’s getting her just desserts due to the fact that she was supposed to start promoting her book?Here’s more on that from the L.A. Times:

” But here’s the best part about the Coulter broken jaw news. No really, this is really good: Seems she has a brand new book titled “GUILTY” due out in early January and, of course, was all booked on TV and radio talk shows to discuss the “much-needed reality check on a Left gone wild,” declares the book’s jacket.

Her latest work reportedly exposes and mocks the media’s love affair with all things Democrat and all things President-elect Barack Obama.

Too bad Ann won’t be able to say a word about her new book.

That’s just a gosh darn shame.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:(

My sentiments exactly! But, there’s more people who don’t appreciate her ridiculous rationale. In this video, Ann Coulter almost gets pied!

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GM Just Can’t Afford Tiger Woods Anymore!

You know the economy is in dire straits when major sports figures start to lose endorsement deals because of it! After laying off blue collar workers, GM has finally let go of Tiger Woods who had an exorbitant $7 million dollar contract as their Buick spokesman. Cutting his contract was a no-brainer & should have been done before they considered laying off the folks who actually make the cars! If the economy keeps sinking companies, celebrity endorsements may no longer be the norm.

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