At Least Sarah Palin Won’t Be Our President Anytime Soon!

She's Completely Out Of Her Element!
She’s Completely Out Of Her Element!

I like the fact that a woman is making strides in a male dominated world like Sarah Palin is. She is to be lauded for that. It’s funny that McCain has an ad saying that Barack Obama isn’t ready yet. And there is emphasis put on the word yet. Which really makes me wonder what’s up with all the contradictions that he’s been making? Does he enjoy being hypocritical or what? It’s now become apparent that his own campaign staff didn’t feel Sarah Palin was competent enough to be the Vice President. One McCain staffer even said that she had no “world view.”

On Larry King last night, John McCain said that Sarah Palin shares the same view of the world as him. Really, John? Unless she’s changed her mind about global warming, there’s a difference of opinion between you two on that! Here’s how she feels about global warming:
“In an interview released by Newsmax magazine today, Palin said that while she recognized her state would be affected by climate change, that didn’t mean humans are responsible.

“A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location,” she said. “I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.”

Palin’s comments stand in sharp contrast to those of McCain, who says at every campaign stop that he believes human activity is driving global warming.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here :

I sure am glad that Sarah Palin won’t be our president anytime soon ! Hopefully, Obama will win & we won’t have to worry about her until 2012. But if we get John McCain as president, it’s a package deal. We will have to hope that he makes better decisions than he has throughout this election. Whether you think picking her was a good choice or not, I don’t know. God forbid John McCain croaks & Sarah Palin has to fill his shoes as president! She’s not up to speed on a whole lot of issues. Global warming is one of them. According to CNN, “As previous IPCC reports have pointed out, the effects of warming at the poles are already being felt by indigenous polar species and communities. This new report is confirmation of the culpability of humans in contributing to these rising temperatures.

I’m afraid that there will always be people that don’t believe that we are making all these changes,” Dr Karpechko said.(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article by following this link:

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