Arnold Schwarzenegger : Can The “Governator” Save John McCain?

Can He Save John McCain?

Can He Save John McCain?

Can Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as “Conan The Destroyer” & obliterate Obama’s lead? I’m sure that John McCain hopes so! Today, he used Arnold’s star power to try & do just that. But, will it help in the last 4 days of this election? I don’t know, but it’s really fitting to have an actor turned governor speak for him. Lord knows, John McCain has created a cast of characters worthy of a Hollywood production! We’ve got Joe the plumber, Sarah the Hockey Mom Reformer, John the Maverick, Obama the Wealth Spreader, & Arnold the Governator. I guess Joe Biden should be called  Joe, the Gaffe Maker. Wow! This sounds like the script of a summer blockbuster movie.

But, Arnold’s star has been descending in California since 2005. The Terminator’s actions as governor have some folks wanting to terminate him from that position. Here’s an excerpt from :

“Even so, Schwarzenegger’s most recent fall in the polls is different, some say.

“The real frustration (among many Californians) is that he doesn’t seem to be able to get things done in Sacramento because he doesn’t have any solid relationships with state legislators any more,” said Hoffenblum. “He’s in a situation where he has very few allies.”

That may ultimately affect Schwarzenegger’s future ambitions, too.

Schwarzenegger, 61, has said he would serve in the administration of either presidential candidate. Because of his clean energy policies in California, he has been mentioned as a potential energy secretary or green energy czar. He also could entertain a run for Congress.

But all of that could depend on how the next two years — or the next eight months, if the recall efforts proceed as organizers plan — go for the former Hollywood superstar.” (End of Excerpt)

Many say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the “last rock stars” of the Republican party. But, can the Governator save John McCain’s bid for the office of the president ? This election has been all about star power & not enough about the issues. John McCain wants to build the story lines   of the characters,like Joe The Plumber, instead of spending time on the issues. Will it work out? Only time will tell. Until then, I’m biting my fingernails in suspense! I’ve included a fun video of Arnold when he was young , robust, & smoking a joint. Enjoy.

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