The Fact That A McCain Aide Called Sarah Palin A “Rogue Diva”!!!




It’s getting so malevolent in McCain country. From the crazed Mccain volunteer to the spiteful Mccain aide, the whole campaign seems to be imploding! The Palin crew vs. The McCain posse are engaged in a battle within. The atmosphere is so explosive that the leaks to the media have been coming in at a rapid speed. These sources from the McCain campaign are really slamming Sarah Palin’s intellect & gameness. They said she’s off message & that she’s going “rogue” on them. Evidently, it’s no longer “COUNTRY FIRST”! It’s “PALIN FIRST” from here on out! She’s forging ahead to 2012 where she will be the forerunner on the ticket! Unless a miracle happens in less than a week & they win! That would be a case of life being stranger than fiction.

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