Can A Kicked Off Survivor Like Elizabeth Hasselbeck Help The McCain/Palin Ticket Survive?

Sarah Palin Using "Sexism" When It Suits Her!

Sarah Palin Using "Sexism" When It Suits Her!

Only in America could you become what Elizabeth Hasselbeck has. She transformed herself from a booted off reality contestant to co-host with some social status & relevance. She’s the only Sarah Palin defender on “The View”! And now she’s taken to the campaign trail to speak out against sexism. That’s kind of ironic since she had no problem with it when she was on “Survivor“. She was cavorting around the island wearing clothing that was sure to draw attention that was of a sexual nature. Sexism is defined in two ways. It is discrimination against a certain sex or sexual stereotyping. Both of these women have utilized sexual stereotyping to their benefit. Check out this excerpt from


Petite, shapely and very cute, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a lot going for her physically. Thanks to her outgoing personality, she is always smiling, which highlights her attractive face that is nicely framed by blond hair. As she proved on Survivor when she wore the famed bandannas as tube tops, she also has a great body. If you can tear yourself away from her curves, you’ll notice bright eyes and nice legs too.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:    

All in all, she’s not too radical with her views, normally. But, I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to cry sexism every time someone has a legitimate question about Sarah Palin. It’s not sexist to inquire about why she spent $150,000 perfecting her image if she’s just a “regular mom”. She’s the one promoting frugality so it would make sense to question her. They scrutinized Hillary Clinton & John Edwards for those same reasons.

This sexism stuff is a bunch of malarky. C’mon,people! If you use your femininity to surge ahead by dressing suggestively then you have used sexism to your advantage. I’ve noticed that everyone is talking about how good Sarah Palin looks. I don’t hear any cries of sexism from her camp when the comments are complimentary toward her.Here’s an excerpt from Fox News that talks about how much Hillary Clinton & John Edwards spent:

“Two $400 cuts by stylist Joseph Torrenueva, who told The Associated Press that the former North Carolina senator is a longtime client, showed up on Edwards’ campaign spending reports filed this weekend. Edwards spokesman Eric Schultz said it never should have been there.

“The bill was sent to the campaign. It was inadvertently paid,” Schultz said. “John Edwards will be reimbursing the campaign.”

Political candidates often have hair and makeup done before media appearances. Edwards rival Hillary Rodham Clinton got some attention last year when her campaign paid $2,500 for two hairstyling sessions that the campaign classified as media production expenses.” (End of Excerpt) Read the full article here:,2933,267042,00.html

It was remarkable to me just how much Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s facial expressions & manner of speaking was similar to Sarah Palin. Since they really don’t favor one another, I was still able to tell them apart. But, it seems like Elizabeth Hasselbeck is just another right-wing fan of Sarah Palin. I just don’t know how a kicked off “survivor” can help Sarah Palin “survive” all the riducule that she basically brought on herself. Plus, Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s star power only exists on “The View” because that’s where her opinion is required. But on the campaign trail, she becomes just another victim of the Palin fever. Noone’s going to put any real credence on what Hasselbeck says. If Sarah Palin really wants to make a difference in the polls, she should go on “The View”.

Real sexism definitely has taken place in the campaign just like racism has. I don’t hear anyone from the McCain/Palin campaign speaking out against all forms of bigotry. They should have denounced their own campaign worker when she lied about a black man carving a “B” in her cheek,beating,& robbing her! Why the loud silence on this issue, Sarah & John?  This reprehensible act came from someone who was involved with your own campaign.  There has been a hell of a lot more racial prejudice than there has anything else!

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