Eartha Kitt: A True American Sex Kitten

American Sex Kitten With A Serious Purr!

American Sex Kitten

 She played catwoman in the 1960’s series Batman. Eartha Kitt was one of the most memorable ones because her voice purrs with sensuality as if she were a human cat. So, she was a natural in that part. In fact, Halle Berry found it hard to fill the role that Eartha Kitt had played to perfection when she starred in the movie “Catwoman. As her rumored lover Orson Welles said, “She is one of the most exciting women in the world!”

Eartha Mae Keith was her birth name & she was a child of rape. Her life began on a cotton plantation in South Carolina in 1927. She was a multiracial child who had to endure a terrible childhood. Her career began as a dancer for the Katherine Dunham Company & she was a singer with a distinctive voice. It oozes with seduction & is a part of her sexual allure. Her cat-like eyes are almost as hypnotizing as her voice.

In the late 60’s, Eartha Kitt suffered a professional setback. She made an anti-war statement to Lady Byrd Johnson at a White House Luncheon. During an earlier period spent in Europe, she had become fluent in French & other languages. So,when she was professionally banned from performing in America, Eartha Kitt did shows overseas.

At 81, Eartha Kitt is alive & still sought after. She has appeared on Broadway as recently as 2004. I have included an all-american song that is one of her signature hits. Nope, it’s not “Santa Baby”,either! The song is “I’m Just An Old-Fashioned Girl”! If you’ve never heard it before, it’s in the same vein as “Material Girl” & “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Eartha Kitt is the most unique sexual being in this stratosphere! I am in awe of her!

*UPDATE ON THIS POST: Eartha Kitt passed away on Christmas Day of 2008. RIP Eartha Kitt!

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2 responses to “Eartha Kitt: A True American Sex Kitten

  1. Eartha Kitt contributed a huge amount to the entertainment industry.. and it was so funny to find out that she was a voice in “The Emperor’s New Groove”

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