America Has Always Been Multicultural ! What Does “Pro-American” Really Mean?

Races Intermixing In Early America

Races Intermixing In Early America

Rep. Michelle Bachman has been very vocal about what she deems to be an anti-american problem. She caused a lot of uproar over these ridiculous remarks! Even though she issued an attempt at an apology, this is not the first time. Back in 2005, she made these comments:
There is a movement afoot that’s occurring and part of that is whole philosophical idea of multi-cultural diversity, which on the face sounds wonderful. Let’s appreciate and value everyone’s cultures. But guess what? Not all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal.”( Excerpt taken from Huffington Post). Here is the link :

What cultures are equal & how do you determine that? America has been multicultural before it’s inception. American dishes are a reflection of the intermingling of different ethnicities. Corn is one of the biggest food commodities & it was first cultivated & grown by American Indians. Although American history tends to be told from a Eurocentric point of view, the truth is undeniable. We have always been a pluralistic society. I’ve included a great video that is about America’s multicultural history.The next paragraph is a snippet from an essay called “White Pride”. I thought I’d post it because it speaks to the underlying meaning of terms like “pro-american”. Sarah Palin & John McCain have been talking about “pro-americans”. Is this what they mean?

“Today people in the USA are living in a new era of white supremacy. Activists have found new effective tactics to convince as many people as possible of their beliefs. The white supremacist movement has learned to shift its tactics. No longer was it able to rely on open racism as an effective recruiting tactic. For this reason hate groups were worried that they could never convince the majority of white Americans to join them. Although many whites may share their prejudices, only very few are willing to display them openly. To spread their message, they needed a new strategy and took advantage of fears of change or difference and used homophobia, anti-abortion, pro-family values, and pro-American, traditional together with racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. This way they have managed to attract the attention of whites who may not consider themselves racist, but patriotic Americans concerned about the moral decay of their country.” (End Of Excerpt)
Follow the link to read the rest:

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