Material Girl Madonna Will Share More Wealth With Guy If She Divorces In The UK Instead Of The US!

Madonna Over The Years

Madonna Over The Years

Madonna has always been daring, scandalous, & a tangible sex symbol. She merged punk,rock,& hip-hop in her sexy eclectic look when she first burst onto the 80’s pop scene. Her style was so urban that a lot of people thought she was black when they heard her sing “Holiday“! A lot of young girls were emulating her look right down to the rubber wristbands. Madonna made them realize their own sexuality & appeal. She is a controversial entertainer who has been accused of blasphemy among other thing.

She mocked the establishment & religion with her song “Like A Virgin“. Every Madonna fan remembers her performing in that white wedding dress at the 1984 MTV Video Awards.  She looked anything but pure & innocent. Madonna had the same raw sexuality that Jimi Hendrix & Prince had. It was in your face raunchy sexiness. The movie “Desperately Seeking Susan” has captured the Madonna who talked with a New York accent on film. Nowadays, Madonna has adapted a slight British accent since she’s moved to the UK with Guy Ritchie.

Do you recall her extemely volatile relationship with actor Sean Penn? It seemed to be a brief but deeply passionate union. That was her first encounter with a bad marriage that ended in divorce.
Now comes the news that the gossip about Madonna & Guy Ritchie breaking up was solid. And it sounds like this guy was a real geniune English prick! It’s hard to picture a strong lioness like her being the victim of any type of abuse. But it appears that this relationship was an emotional drain on her. And if she gets her divorce in the UK it’ll be a bit of a financial drain on her as well. Apparently, it’s cheaper to get divorced right here in the US. Madonna may be facing one of the biggest divorce settlements in the history of the UK!

 Read more about how the dissolution of a marriage is handled in the United Kingdom:

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