I Forgot How Funny Will Ferrell’s George Bush Impersonations Really Are!

Will Ferrell The Funnyman

Will Ferrell The Funnyman

This is so freakin’ hilarious! George Bush is toxic to the McCain campaign & they have really been making a great effort to distance themselves from Bush. This skit really plays up that fact. What makes SNL so funny when they parody politicians is just how well they get into their heads! You know that it’s true that John McCain visibly winces whenever George Bush is mentioned. Although he launched his campaign during the primaries as the most supportive ally of Bush, he has now tried to ditch him. I love it when the fake George Bush says, “Remember this face when you vote! A vote for John McCain Is A Vote For George Bush!” SNL is  uproarious! For more side-splitting Bush absurdity, look for Will Ferrell on Broadway. Here’ s the scoop on that from The Insider.com :

“Funnyman Will Ferrell is planning to bring comedy and spontaneity to the stage, when he makes his Broadway debut January in the comedy, “You’re Welcome America. A final night with George W. Bush,” says Variety.”

For the full story go to :  http://www.theinsider.com/news/1269275_Will_Ferrell_to_Bring_Bush_Humor_in_Broadway_Debut

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