Colin Powell Finally Posed The Question “What’s Wrong With Being Muslim?’

Colin Powell Grooving To African Hip-Hop! 

 Colin Powell made his endorsement on the show “Meet The Press” this Sunday. He gave an in-depth explantion as to why he was doing so. He has angered folks like Rush Limbaugh who claim he’s just doing this for racial reasons. Now, Retired Gen. Colin Powell is a very notable man in U.S. history because of his very accomplished career. But many question just how much Colin Powell even identifies with being black! Back on Oct. 15, 2002, Harry Belafonte appeared on CNN where he made some very disparaging remarks about Colin Powell. He basically called him an  Uncle Tom. Read the full transcript by following this link  :  ( As you can see, there is are some blacks who have questioned just how much he identifies with being black. Colin Powell said he didn’t like the direction that the Republican Party was taking. He said that it was moving more to the far right.

Obama’s an Arab! He’s a Muslim“! These are the screams that can be heard at McCain rallies. John McCain has not come out & actually denounced those untruths. He did clarify that Barack Obama is a “decent man“. The implication being that Arab or Muslim men are not “decent“. I have not heard anyone repudiate that notion until I saw Colin Powell on “Meet the Press” today. He suggested that there is an even bigger question looming than whether or not Obama is a Muslim or not. Although he clarified that Obama is a Christian, he said “What’s wrong with being Muslim”?
I think that’s a question that America should ask itself. Especially since you have Muslims in the military who are willing to lay down their life for this country. I am not of the belief that God created religion. Or that religion created God. Man created religion to divide & conquer other human beings. I do not subscribe to the idea that a certain religion is bad. There are terrible extremists in every faith.

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