Joe “The Plumber” ! Is He America’s Newly Minted Folk Hero?


The Real Joe The Plumber

The Real Joe The Plumber!

The internet is exploding with all types of speculation about just who “Joe The Plumber” really is! He was the focal point of the final presidential debate. “Joe The Plumber” was used by both candidates as an example of the typical small business owner who would be affected by the Obama tax plan. As it turns out, he doesn’t even fall in the financial bracket that would be taxed by Obama. He makes under $ 250,000 a year!This has sparked the ire of many who questioned the legitimacy of his concerns. Get the full story by following this link;,0,373757.story

Is he a hard-working plumber who has scraped up every dollar to buy his employer’s business? Well according to various news sources, it’s not even clear that he really is a plumber at all! So, why would he present a theoretical example of a financial dilemna that really has no relation to his situation? The supposition is that because he is a Republican, he must be a McCain decoy planted by the campaign to poke holes in Obama’s tax cut.It is obvious that he supports John McCain & why he didn’t state that is a mystery to me. There is some titillating tittle-tattle that connects him to Charles Keating in a six degrees of separation kind of way!

Then, there are those conservatives & republicans who think of him as the classic example of an “average joe“. Sorry guys, but making $250,000 per year is hardly run of the mill. Most folks I know make between $30,000 to $40,000 per year. By today’s standards, that means they are completely poverty-stricken. I am struggling to see how this guy represents all of America. This speaks to the upper middle class which is only a portion of America. Why aren’t we concerned about the real struggling working-class folks who can’t pay their bills because of this bad economy?

Is  “Joe The Plumber” a mythical figure or a real hard-working man? To some,  Samuel Wurzelbacher is not a red herring that is being masqueraded as a real representation of the middle class white voter. You know, the ones that both candidates are trying to appeal to for votes. He stands for every hard-working American.  He stands for white male small business owners, I would think. Not every American ( black, asian, poor, white, mexican, gay, etc..) that was listening to these two go on about a caricature of the ordinary person. Many people were insulted by the constant reference to “Joe The Plumber”!

But, some think he is America’s newly minted folk hero. He is the stuff of tall tales like Johnny Appleseed. Remember, that the word hero is defined in the following ways; remarkably brave person, somebody who is admired, main character in fictional plot, & a man with superhuman powers. So, which description fits Samuel Wurzelbacher? According to the New York Times,

“He also says he actually isn’t in the bracket where Obama would raise his taxes — but he’s worried that Obama will shift the bracket down. He also said that, in his encounter with Obama, the Illinois Senator “a tap dance…almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr.”  To read the full article follow the link:

Following that statement, some have wondered if he could be characterized as a racist also. I mean, you just don’t compare two black men who have nothing in common & then bring up “tap dance“. What was the purpose of associating Sammy Davis, Jr. & Barack Obama? People are still in a state of puzzlement. Who is “Joe The Plumber” ? Depending on who you talk to, every definition but a superhero. If he can save John McCain’s bid for the presidency, maybe that one will apply too.

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