” I AM NOT GEORGE BUSH! You Should Have Run Against Him 4 Years Ago!




The spirit of the fighting irish was definitely in John McCain this evening! He is of Scottish & Irish descent so he called on his ancestry tonight. He was aggresive & came ready for a fight. My last post talked about the two public opinions of John McCain. There are some who view him as a war hero who is a political maverick. Then, you have those who look at him as just a sidekick of George Bush. McCain’s job was to establish himself as a rebel who does not conform to any of the Bush doctrines. To prove that point he delivered one of the best zingers of all three presidential debates. “I am not George Bush, Senator Obama. You should have ran 4 years ago if you wanted to run against him.”
Obama apologized for not being able to distinguish between McCain & Bush, since both agree 90% of the time. According to everyone but Fox (who Obama threw a great zinger at), McCain was the loser. He appeared a little too angry for some while Obama was cool & casual. I don’t know what could possibly happen to change the game for McCain now. The voters will decide in less than 3 weeks. This was not a game changer for McCain. But, he won for the best zinger of the night! Go to the video if you want to see McCain’s clever retort!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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