John McCain Fighting To Be Revered As A Maverick Instead Of A Sidekick!!

John McCain In Fighting Mode
John McCain In Fighting Mode

He has been illustrated as being the ultimate war hero. Heck, he never lets us forget that he has the wounds to prove that fact. He survived torture by his captors during the Vietnam War which is how he got those aforementioned battle scars. That is one facet of his career that cannot be disputed. His life has been a series of ups & downs just like those shifting numbers in the polls. There has been some scandal & triumph in his political life. In fact, he took on campaign finance reform because of the Keating 5 debacle that he was involved in. He has had to gain acceptance from the republican party due to his reputation as one who goes against his own party. He has always been known as a true pugilist! The question has now become who is he actually in a conflict with?  Is Barack Obama the only opposition in his battle to win the White House?

Since waging a character battle with Barack Obama, he’s had to fight the importunate blather about his own moral fiber. There are anecdotes about John McCain’s mafia ties, his gambling sprees, adultery, etc… If you want to hear more detail about these stories go to ( ) He has had to fight his own words as well. What you say in the age of youtube will come back to bite you in the ass! I have included a video below where you can witness one of John McCain’s biggest fights! It is the battle with himself that is John McCain’s biggest challenge during this whole election. Should he be the maverick that he’s infamous for being or does his association with Bush relegate him to being just a sidekick? It seems that McCain has been skirmishing with these two conflicting views of him. What impression is the public getting from the choices he has made during this election?

Looking at today’s polls, it seems that John McCain is losing this battle with himself & Barack Obama. He was running neck to neck with Obama barely a month ago. But, he made a lot of choices that made the good American folks question his true motives. The choice of Sarah Palin as his VP pick left many wondering about his integrity. Did he really think she could sway Hilary Clinton voters? Because those two are poles apart in everything but gender!

John McCain has decided to reassert himself as the maverickduring the final weeks of this election. This economic crisis has him fighting an uphill battle because he signed the bailout bill along with Barack Obama! It has plenty of pork barrel spending tacked on to it, which he said he had no tolerance for. A lot of McCain supporters were dismayed by that fact! Then, when he suspended his campaign there was a huge dispute as to the true reason behind this announcement. Especially when it was not clear what role he actually played in the bailout talks. People still mull over what his real objective was in doing that. Therefore, he must now fight this image of him being just a sidekick of George Bush. That is what is embedded in the psyche of countless voters that are in those battleground states that Obama & McCain are fighting for. Can he make a comeback in just 3 weeks ? That is one of the many unknowns that will keep us engrossed with this election until they finally announce the victor!

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