Josephine Baker Because She Was the Epitomist of Beauty & Sensuality

America's First Black Sex Symbol
Bronze Venus

 In the 21st century, the celebrities have been oversexualized & true glamour seems to elude so many. Although many women can look sexy, it is tough to exude sexuality. I mean, how many times does Paris Hilton have to tell us she’s “hot”?Shouldn’t we be telling her that??!! Well, Josephine Baker exemplified sensuality in a way that has influenced the style of many contemporary women. Beyonce has emulated one of her trademark costumes & dances in one of her perfomances. Josephine Baker’s trademark sleek & slick hairstyle was adapted by Jada Pinkett Smith in the 90’s. This woman was such a trendsetter that you can set trends with her style. She was simply iconic.

What makes her truly remarkable is how confident she was in her own skin. In a time when black women were not associated with “sex goddess” , Josephine Baker became the epitome of just that. She was called “Bronze Venus” because she was so bewitchingly sensual & beautiful. Freda Josephine Mcdonald had pursued stardom since she was 13 years old. Born in 1906, she was of an era that was not far removed from slavery. So it was remarkable that she was able to leave such an indelible impression as a world famous entertainer. Not only that but she ushered in a new epoch for black women. She made the world take notice of the black beauty. With her erotic partially nude perfomances, her sensuality was undeniable.

Although she was a major star, she faced racism. She became the first African-American to integrate an American concert hall. Tired of all of the racial calamity in America, she became an expatriate & moved to France. Josephine Baker craved racial equality so she contributed to the civil rights movement. She inspired many future actresses by becoming the first black to star in a major motion picture. This woman took the smallest opportunity & turned it into a promise of success. For those women who try so hard to be hot, take a cue from Josephine Baker. You just might learn something!

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