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Arnold Schwarzenegger : Can The “Governator” Save John McCain?

Can He Save John McCain?

Can He Save John McCain?

Can Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as “Conan The Destroyer” & obliterate Obama’s lead? I’m sure that John McCain hopes so! Today, he used Arnold’s star power to try & do just that. But, will it help in the last 4 days of this election? I don’t know, but it’s really fitting to have an actor turned governor speak for him. Lord knows, John McCain has created a cast of characters worthy of a Hollywood production! We’ve got Joe the plumber, Sarah the Hockey Mom Reformer, John the Maverick, Obama the Wealth Spreader, & Arnold the Governator. I guess Joe Biden should be called  Joe, the Gaffe Maker. Wow! This sounds like the script of a summer blockbuster movie.

But, Arnold’s star has been descending in California since 2005. The Terminator’s actions as governor have some folks wanting to terminate him from that position. Here’s an excerpt from :

“Even so, Schwarzenegger’s most recent fall in the polls is different, some say.

“The real frustration (among many Californians) is that he doesn’t seem to be able to get things done in Sacramento because he doesn’t have any solid relationships with state legislators any more,” said Hoffenblum. “He’s in a situation where he has very few allies.”

That may ultimately affect Schwarzenegger’s future ambitions, too.

Schwarzenegger, 61, has said he would serve in the administration of either presidential candidate. Because of his clean energy policies in California, he has been mentioned as a potential energy secretary or green energy czar. He also could entertain a run for Congress.

But all of that could depend on how the next two years — or the next eight months, if the recall efforts proceed as organizers plan — go for the former Hollywood superstar.” (End of Excerpt)

Many say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the “last rock stars” of the Republican party. But, can the Governator save John McCain’s bid for the office of the president ? This election has been all about star power & not enough about the issues. John McCain wants to build the story lines   of the characters,like Joe The Plumber, instead of spending time on the issues. Will it work out? Only time will tell. Until then, I’m biting my fingernails in suspense! I’ve included a fun video of Arnold when he was young , robust, & smoking a joint. Enjoy.

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CNN’S Rick Sanchez Trying To Get Some “Straight Talk” From McCain Spokesman Mike Goldfarb About Rashid Khalid!

And That Actually Is The Truth! 

Has John McCain gotten off “The Straight Talk Express” permanently? Because it’s been a bunch of baloney for too long now. This latest attack on Obama’s associates is really ludicrousRashid Khalidi has a connection with McCain & Obama.This is the latest in a long line of attacks to paint Obama as the enemy of both America & Israel. The problem is that the proof is in the pudding. And they never seem to have that pudding, as evidenced in this video. Rick Sanchez is trying his damndest to prod this guy for answers. But McCain Spokesman Mike Goldfarb is being mendacious so Rick gets visibly annoyed & wraps the interview. The way John McCain has ran his campaign has been substandard to say the least & it is an indicator of how he would run the country. Mike Goldfarb ought to be ashamed of himself for helping John McCain spread more conspiracy theories about Obama. It’s all smoke & mirrors. Thanks to Rick Sanchez more people may come to the same realization.

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Does Sarah Have A Little Bit Of Hip-Hop In Her?

She's Gettin' Her Groove On!

She Could Be In A Lil' Wayne Video!

 Did they prep her with a bunch of rap videos? Probably so! I think she could make a few guest appearances in a rap video? What do you think? Can she dance better than Michelle Obama?

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At Least Sarah Palin Won’t Be Our President Anytime Soon!

She's Completely Out Of Her Element!
She’s Completely Out Of Her Element!

I like the fact that a woman is making strides in a male dominated world like Sarah Palin is. She is to be lauded for that. It’s funny that McCain has an ad saying that Barack Obama isn’t ready yet. And there is emphasis put on the word yet. Which really makes me wonder what’s up with all the contradictions that he’s been making? Does he enjoy being hypocritical or what? It’s now become apparent that his own campaign staff didn’t feel Sarah Palin was competent enough to be the Vice President. One McCain staffer even said that she had no “world view.”

On Larry King last night, John McCain said that Sarah Palin shares the same view of the world as him. Really, John? Unless she’s changed her mind about global warming, there’s a difference of opinion between you two on that! Here’s how she feels about global warming:
“In an interview released by Newsmax magazine today, Palin said that while she recognized her state would be affected by climate change, that didn’t mean humans are responsible.

“A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location,” she said. “I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.”

Palin’s comments stand in sharp contrast to those of McCain, who says at every campaign stop that he believes human activity is driving global warming.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here :

I sure am glad that Sarah Palin won’t be our president anytime soon ! Hopefully, Obama will win & we won’t have to worry about her until 2012. But if we get John McCain as president, it’s a package deal. We will have to hope that he makes better decisions than he has throughout this election. Whether you think picking her was a good choice or not, I don’t know. God forbid John McCain croaks & Sarah Palin has to fill his shoes as president! She’s not up to speed on a whole lot of issues. Global warming is one of them. According to CNN, “As previous IPCC reports have pointed out, the effects of warming at the poles are already being felt by indigenous polar species and communities. This new report is confirmation of the culpability of humans in contributing to these rising temperatures.

I’m afraid that there will always be people that don’t believe that we are making all these changes,” Dr Karpechko said.(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article by following this link:

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The Excitement Felt After Philly Won The World Series Let’s Us Know Baseball Is One Of Our Favorite Pastimes

Before It Was Integrated
Before It Was Integrated

After a little over a quarter of a century, Philly has finally won the World Series! I know a whole lot of baseball fanatics who were waiting with bated breath to see if Philly would beat Tampa Bay. The excitement that erupted in that stadium shows just how intense the fans can get. The spirit of America almost becomes palpable & visible to the naked eye. Major sports events like this gives Americans a sense of commonality. Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article on World Series programs:
From the patriotic themes of the covers and advertisements during World War II to a celebration of the space age in the 1960s, to the illustration of a baseball cap over a player’s heart in October 2001, they offer not only a connection to the game’s history but a cultural narrative of the world around it.

“I love how the World Series programs reflect history or the time,” says Tim Wiles, director of research at the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:

The video I included in this post is about an exhibit called “Baseball As America“. It shows baseball memorabilia & talks about how integral baseball has been to the progress of America. Here’s a nice quote that I took from their website which sums it all up:
I think there are only three things that America will be known for 2,000 years from now when they study this civilization: the Constitution, jazz music and baseball. They’re the three most beautifully designed things this culture has ever produced.

— Gerald Early, Scholar (End of Quote taken from:

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Chris Matthews Calls Obama & Clinton”The Blues Brothers”! Too bad For McCain That Bush Is No Clinton!

Isn't That The Freakin' Trutj!

Isn't That The Freakin' Truth?!

Tonight you saw two stubborn Leos come together. Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC says that Bill Clinton seems to really be coming home. He said the camaraderie between Obama & Clinton was like “The Blues Brothers“. That’s that crazy comedy that starred Dan Akroyd & John Belushi. I was touched by the stirring speech that they both gave. At first, I thought Bill Clinton was going to be anal about Hillary Clinton’s loss all the way until the end of the election! Although his speech at the DNC convention was stirring, that was the most passionate he had been about Obama.But tonight, whew! Bill Clinton really helped cement an Obama nomination.
Jack Cafferty of CNN posed a question tonight to his viewers! Why isn’t George Bush campaigning for John McCain? Well, isn’t that quite obvious! I think that must have been a rhetorical question. The answer is very, very simple. George Bush is no Bill Clinton. John McCain is avoiding him like the plague. The failure that has been the Bush presidency has help boost Clinton’s favor-ability in America. Folks feel a strong sense of nostalgia whenever they see Bill Clinton. And it seems like we may be getting the good years back that we enjoyed with Clinton on Nov. 4.

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Barack Obama’s 30 min. Infomericial! This Guy Is Full Of Firsts! He Is The SuperChanger!


The SuperChanger Is Here! Don't Fear!

Let Go Of Your Fear! SuperChanger Is Here!

Someone take my temperature because I’m coming down with the Obama fever! Whoa, Michelle! You better watch this guy once he gets in the White House. You’re going to have a posse of Monica Lewinsky’s vying for alone time with the president! Not to mention all the female celebrities, like Scarlett Johansson, who will be fawning all over him. Remember John F. Kennedy & all of his temptations? But, I’m sure Michelle Obama will tighten her reins on him. She’s a beautiful woman of great wisdom. No hussy is going to bypass her & straddle her man! You notice there has been no reports of infidelity in their marriage. Hopefully, it will stay that way!

 She is married this suave,ridiculously handome man who just happens to be a brainiac! Oooh, good-looking & smart to boot! He’s the first black man to represent a party that was historically racist from it’s inception. It took decades for the Democratic party to become what it is today. Ironically, the Republican party helped blacks a long time ago. Here’s an excerpt from MSN Encarta :
“The coalition was composed of former members of the Whig, Free-Soil, and Know-Nothing parties, along with Northern Democrats who were dissatisfied with their party’s conciliatory attitude on the slavery issue (see Free-Soil Party; Know-Nothings; Whig Party). The early Republicans were united in their opposition to extending slavery into the Western territories.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole entry here :

Being the first black Democrat to represent the party in a presidential election is not his only first. He decided to forgo the usual & opt out of public financing. He has raised exorbitant amounts of money which is how this infomercial was able to take place. He has changed the way people will raise money to campaign in future elections. Let’s not forget that he’s also changing red states to blue. He’s changed the political map, much to John McCain’s chagrin!This is a guy that is a true original. Judging by how well he has ran this campaign, I have no problem saying “President Obama deserves to be the first black president in the history of the United States of America!” Barack Obama is the SuperChanger! If anybody can unite us, America, he can! Yes, he can!

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