Our Citizens Are the Most Heavily Armed in the World!

http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSL2834893820070828 Follow the link to this article to read about how heavily armed we are in comparison to the rest of the world. You’ll be stupefied by it!There is a ongoing debate on whether or not gun control works. If you’ve lived in the ghetto, you’ve probably seen your fair share of weaponry. With all the crime in places like Flint & Oakland, it’s hard for me to argue against it. By the same token, I know what happens when most citizens are armed. It can prevent crime or it can create it. Let me tell you that being broke with artillery within reach is not an ideal situation for anyone. Even if you are not criminally inclined, it is tempting.

Living in the ghetto gets to be very dicey. Almost on a weekly basis, you’re pulled into the drama that is the streets. Having a gun has led to many unintended shootings. When you’re outnumbered by an angry mob of people, it’s too easy to start popping off caps. Since America has the most heavily armed people in the world, we should have better control on who obtains them. If we cannot do that then we need to control the guns.

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