Only in America, Baby! Hip Hop Emerged from South Bronx!

I like Nas wit’ his prolific/gifted/ ill ass flow.
Talent is not the status quo/ like it was in this video
What would this country be like without hip-hop? As someone who grew up immersed in it, I don’t ever want to know. All of the exhilaration I felt after going to a rap concert hasn’t ever been matched. Well, maybe when I went to the Reggae Sumfest it was.

But, I am proud to be an American that grew up with this music. Hell, my dad’s favorite rapper is Slick Rick. That in itself adds to his cool hip image. Even he couldn’t resist the pull that those hypnotic melodic raps had.Unfortunately, my mom was a huge MC. Hammer fan. He seemed like a great entertainer but that was it. She later told me that she liked Biggie Smalls which redeemed her in my eyes. 

What music stirs long lost memories for you? Is it new wave, punk rock, soul, funk, jazz… For me, it’s funk music & rap that brings back my childhood.  I’m so glad to that I found this video. Biz Markie is hilarious & a beat box phenom! Big Daddy Kane was recently in a low budget straight-to-dvd flick that I saw. He has put on some weight since this video. I forgot how good he used to look. He reminds me of Tupac in the way he finesses you with his voice. He can be strong & sexy at the same time.

Soulja Boy, Hurricane G, Lil’ Boosie, etc… is all that we see on 106 & Park. I have nothing against them but that shit is not my cup of tea. I loved Jay-Z because he really knew how to manipulate words. There is still good rap out there. These days you really have to find it. The gems are hidden & bullshit gets promoted to the masses. What a shame!

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